Season 6 of The Walking Dead returned with a not-so-sweet Valentine’s day episode that reminded Tribe members what they are truly capable of, if only pushed to the extreme. While the Alexandrians have notoriously remained horrible at surviving without their precious wall intact, the Tribe continues to work toward some sort of balance within that group, as they struggle to keep themselves safe a secure from the living and the dead.

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The Tribe is still separated, Alexandria remains vulnerable and survivors continue to evolve and change who they are in order to make it through another day. The story is moving slowly toward the inevitable; fear the walkers, fear the living and don’t ever get too comfortable.  For those inside the walls, safety is as precarious as it is for those outside, and there are no guarantees on who will make it out alive. This week, I’m recapping two episodes in one post, people, so keep up.

Spoilers ahead, Sweetie…

Times, they are a-changing in Alexandria, and we finally get to see what the citizens of this tribe are capable of. There are walkers all around the city walls but Rick back, and he is ready to lead the town to victory–which only means they live, not that they necessarily get to keep the town. To do that, he needs the help of his Tribe, Deanna and the rest of Alexandria. This week, I’m recapping two episodes in one post, people, so keep up.

Spoilers ahead, Sweetie…

While we are gaining insight into the intimate moments of our characters’ lives, time is moving very slowly in the Walking Dead universe and it seems as if we are looking at the quarry herd parade from numerous angles, our only reprieve from that story, an insightful peek into Morgan’s history. This week, I’m recapping two episodes in one post, people, so keep up.

Spoilers ahead, Sweetie…

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The Tribe has survived multiple attacks from the living and dead, rotating out the weak, with the core members remaining vigilant to the integrity of the group. When they found Alexandria, the fortified walls and welcoming nature of the group solidified the Tribe’s desire to remain. Recent events, including the repeated violent actions of Rick, have caused Alexandrians to not only question the tactics but the loyalty of the Tribe to the rest of Alexandria. Still, the question that continues to rise in this post-apocalyptic setting is, what does one have to do to survive? In the case of Alexandria, survival depends on Rick and his group, because regardless of the morality behind their tactics, the Tribe has survived outside of Alexandrian walls long enough to know that it isn’t always the dead who are the threat. More often than not, it is imperative to fear the living, as well.

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The season 6 opener of The Walking Dead is both a flashback and flashforward. The time jump is framed in color for present and black and white for past, with the black and white story taking us to the Alexandria after the death of Reg Monroe and the execution of Pete Anderson, at the hands of Rick Grimes. This complex situation brings us to the story in color; Alexandria a few months (weeks?) down the line. The juxtaposition allows for a quick and dirty transition for audiences to the new Tribe, who are ultimately trying to build a community during the apocalypse while fighting for their lives from both the living and the dead.

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the walking dead season 5

S05xE14: “Spend”

When and if society attempts to rebuild in a post-apocalyptic world, the living will most likely become our own worst adversaries. While the necessity of loyalty and the importance of protecting your own may seem obvious to Rick’s Tribe, the Alexandrians have allowed petty differences and fears to dictate their choices. Behind the wall, the group has become idle and weak, falling back on bad habits and cowardice. After weeks of doubting the Tribe’s intentions, it seems that they actually may be exactly what the city of Alexandria needs.

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