wynonna earp recap

 I’m an odd duck. The best way to assess just how much I love a character isn’t in how much I relate to/want to be like them, or in how much I objectify the actor behind the character and talk about a desire to get horizontal with them. Nope, my absolute fave characters are the ones that bring out my inner mama bear, the ones I want to adopt and wrap in blankets and cook soup for and raise up right. And I’m already this close to looking into tracking down the proper authorities to apply to adopt the Earp sisters.

Now a double recap because life prevented me from being a punctual adult.

Spoilers ahead, Sweetie…

wynonna earp

A badass heroine, a whipsmart spitfire of a sister, a handsome lawman, an ambiguous and mysterious baddie, demons, motorcycles, and a fringed leather jacket? C’mon, what more could you want?

Actually, since I rhetorically asked, I’ll tell you. I’m a list maker, like that Go Go’s song you’re probably too young to remember, and I make lists of junk I want to buy when I have the money, lists of the people I’ve fooled around with, lists of goals long and short; and I think like most people, list makers or not, I carry around a mental checklist of what my ideal entertainment would look like. First, it would be serialized television, that’s a given. It is long form in a way that allows for world building and character growth that film simply can’t accommodate. I’m a TV person all the way.