Well, fam, I didn’t expect to be here again, writing about Supernatural, again…ever. It’s been a while since my last rantblog about the finale of season 12, and well, I took a season-long break from the show because I didn’t know if I could love it anymore. I recently caught up on the show, just in time for its 300th episode, “Lebanon.”

Supernatural celebrates turning 300 by reminding fans why they fell in love with the show in the first place. For me, it was a surprising dosage of Winchester feels, followed by a jolt of nostalgia. *spoilers below*


Episode 11×01 AKA “The One with Teh Darkness”

Well, the hellatus is over and Darkness is upon us. Who knows what this season will bring for us? I’m guessing the Winchesters won’t be getting sunshine and puppies…Warning there be spoilers ahead.


The season lights up immediately where season 10 ended–the Darkness is coming and the Impala’s stuck in a ditch. Not exactly an ideal situation, boys. While our last look of season 10 showed the boys together in the Impala, Sam wakes up alone in the passenger seat. Dean is gone, and Sam finds him a mile away, face-down in the dirt (really, can we talk about how Sam must have a tracking device on Dean to find him so easily?)

Today we have the second installation of our transformative writers series, featuring friend of the blog, Zatnikatel. Although she mentions below she does dabble in other topics, this writer has 28 pieces up on AO3, all in the Supernatural fandom where she ships Destiel oh-so-good. You might recognize her name from our very popular “9 Smutty Supernatural/Destiel Fanfics” post–she holds the #6 position with one of THE HOTTEST Destiel fics I have ever read (and reread). Another favorite is her story True North, which would have made it on my End!Verse genre fic list, but I had to spread the love around to other authors. The wonderful thing about fanfiction is that, if they chose, writers remain anonymous and therefore can really explore topics in a way we might not be able to if our moms/bosses/IRL friends were looking over our shoulders. Zatnikatel currently works as a professional journalist and editor, contributing to magazines and newspapers in the US and UK. Please read on to find out about her journey into the world of fanfiction and the no nonsense advice she has for aspiring writers. Enjoy!


The Collectiva Diva

1) What/who inspired you to begin writing fanfiction?

I started out in genfic, writing a story inspired by one of my favorite early episodes: The Benders. I loved the episode for its delicious Dean whump, for the parallels between the Winchesters and the Benders (who seemed like the flipside of John, Dean and Sam), and for the really lovely performance by Jessica Steen as Sheriff Kathleen Hudak.

I always love those “what if?” moments in TV shows and movies – those forks in the road where everything might have gone in a completely different direction. Where that episode was concerned it was, “what if Missy had gotten out of the closet?” And that first genfic grew into a three-story verse adding up to about 300,000 words altogether. And I had all sorts of high-falutin’ ideas about framing it as a Hell allegory, because I had hoped for more from Dean’s post-Hell PTSD story, and felt shortchanged by what I got onscreen.

I guess not a lot of the people who are familiar with my D/C fic will have read that genfic ’verse! So I’ll mention my first D/C fic, Chrysler Almighty and just say that it was written because some dared me to. I had very pompously declared that the profound bond was enough for me and that I’d never write “proper” D/C. Said friend dared me, and so I wrote that fic as a joke, and threw everything I could think of at it. It was intended as crack, and I thought it would get 10 comments, if that. I still don’t know whether to be proud of it or embarrassed by it. Architecture!porn, what the hell was I thinking?!



It’s Tuesday.


Supernatural Season 10 premieres tonight on the CW at 9pm and I cannot help but reminisce at the wonders of Season 9. Yes, it was a rough season, but there were a few key moments I don’t ever want to forget. Here are my top ten Season 9 moments, complete with screengrabs, to get you ready for what looks to be a year full of the feels.

10) Cain Shucking Corn S9xE11

He is just so darn casual about Dean Winchester kicking around his kitchen with demons, I love it.

First Born

9) Abaddon inhabits Josie S9xE17

Creepy! If she gave me that look, I’d be quiet about it for 40 some-odd years, too.

9.14gProperty of the CW

Episode 09×14 AKA The one with Kevin Tran

It’s Winchester Wednesday! I, for one (again, not the Collectress, surprise!) have missed the boys and am glad to have Team Free Will well represented in this episode, if not all together as of yet. We also get the beginnings of a new Winchester dynamic (#betterbrotherbond anyone?), a Cas storyline and (spoilers) to say a proper goodbye to Kevin Tran.


The bunker is haunted. Lights flicker, the coffee machine goes wonky, and the boys figure that the bunker must be haunted by someone who recently died inside the walls. Yup. It’s Kevin Tran. The ex-prophet of the Lord is noveau dead and so it takes him a while to figure out how to manifest for Sam and Dean. He finally shows himself as Dean is in one of his self-loathing monologues, voicing what we all are thinking, which is to say the Dean Winchester, pity party of one is getting old. Kevin informs the boys that Heaven is closed, as in, no new spirits are allowed through the gates. He, along with a line of ghosts that rivals the DMV times infinity, are stuck in the Veil until further notice. Kevin reveals that he heard through the ghost-grapevine that his mom is still alive and implores the Winchesters to find her. The boys head to Wichita, Kansas to find a ghost named “Candy”, who claims to have been locked away with Linda Tran in a public storage, one the boys easily find and infiltrate.

Property of the CW
Property of the CW

Episode 09×13 AKA that Time Sam Teaches Yoga

Happy Wednesday, Winchester fans!

The boys are together again. Sort of. It’s all business, but no family, so the family business is just business. Whatever. I don’t like it when mah boys are fighting. So without any further ado, let’s see if they worked it out last night.


The plot for this MotW episode was fairly simple. The episode lights up on two men in a hot dog eating contest in a small town in Minnesota. The winner, a 300+ lb man, is murdered in the parking lot after contest by having all the fat completely sucked out of his body. His weight in the autopsy? 90 lbs. Sounds like a case for the Winchesters.

After questioning local law enforcement, there is a useless side plot about the life of the man who came in second place at the eating contest. Buuut, Dean eats a doughnut.

I have never wanted to be a round breakfast food before, but now it’s on my bucket list.

A second murder happens in a gym in the town. A young woman, who is the only one at the gym late at night, is sucked free of all her weight. At this point, I didn’t know what to think of the monster. It reminded me of The Mummy‘s Imhotep sucking dry the ignorant American archaeologists, and a little bit of the Adipose from Doctor Who. But grosser. Way grosser.

Clues of various sorts lead them to the Canyon Valley Wellness Spa, where you’re guaranteed to lose all the weight you want in a week.

I am a proud Destiel shipper and have been ever since The Collectress introduced me to the Supernatural universe. Still, I must admit, the Destiel phenomenon on Twitter and Tumblr astounds me. These fans have found a ship to sail and do so proudly on social media.

While the Destiel ship is not an explicit one on the show, fans of the pairing don’t seem to care. During the premiere of season 9 episode 10, “Road Trip”, the hashtags #Supernatural and #Gadreel trended worldwide as well as the surprising dark horse #ProfoundBond, which fans all know refers directly to the very special relationship Dean and Castiel share.