It’s been a rough week for the Collective team.

First, we heard that Wayward Sisters wasn’t being picked up by the CW, and now, Fox has cancelled The Last Man on Earth, AKA the only thing to make me laugh since November 8, 2016. The doomsday, postapocalyptic satirical series only lasted four seasons until Fox gave it the ole’ Firefly-esque chop, which, honestly, is about three seasons longer than most of their shows with a basis in speculative fiction.

That doesn’t make it hurt any less, however. The Last Man On Earth was a refreshingly original discussion of post-humanism and the doomsday scenario, and it was f***ing funny. I ranted about this on my Twitter the other day, so forgive me if I’m a bit repetitive because I’m still upset. 

By The Collectress

Collectors, it’s been too long since I talked television with you all, but I promise you, I’ve been watching. Mostly comedies because the world sucks and every laugh helps. So, if you need a laugh right now as much as I do, here are three comedy series you should definitely go bingewatch on Hulu. 

Banner by the Collected Mutineer
Banner by the Collected Mutineer

The Last Man on Earth is a show that I’ve been watching since its pilot, but due to schedules for shows I already write about (*cough*Supernatural*cough*) I haven’t been able to give this show the attention it deserves. 

Well, guess what b*****s, it’s Christmas break and that means TV BINGEING.