Y’all, this post was supposed to be exclusively about the return of Westworld, but then I fell down the Youtube rabbit hole and…here we are. I’m excited about the return of some of my favorite shows and quite a few upcoming movies, so without further ado, here we go. Jump down the rabbit hole with me.

Fox Searchlight Pictures

The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014), directed, produced and written by Wes Anderson and starring a multitude of Anderson’s favorite stars, is a masterpiece of style that contains complex narrative layers, keeping viewers visually entranced until the last frame. Audiences are asked to suspend disbelief as we are whisked away to a genteel time and land, where order and manners are as important (if not more so) than politics, and relationships are forged through these shared values.

When I was in graduate school studying literary theory, a peer suggested that the layers of narrative in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein were not unlike those of an onion; stories laid gently on top of one another to create a single, incredibly intricate and fulfilling tale. Grand Budapest does much the same thing, with four very important stories being told at four different moments in time, which ultimately come together to create an epic tale of love and loss.

Spoilers ahead, sweetie!