Fanvid of the Week: “Make It So”

Vidder: James Covenant

It’s that time of year, Collectors. Time to make it so. Feel free to watch on repeat until December 26th. Need more Christmas carols? Here, have the Avengers singing. Sort of.

-The Not-So-Humbug-After-All Collectress


Fanvid of the Week: “Fifty Shades of Johnlock”

Vidder: Victoria Holmes

Two days ago, the Spaniard and I went to see Lucy and were “treated” to the trailer for Fifty Shades of Grey. (or is it Gray? who cares) We found it hard to stifle our giggles through the few minutes it was onscreen, and I found myself lamenting the use of such a sexy version of “Crazy in Love” for a film that I’ve really got no desire to see.

This fanvid fixes that. A ginormous thank you to the vidder, Victoria Holmes, for giving the Johnlock fans something to swoon over (The riding crop…my god). It’s well edited, the music is sexy and sensual, and well…all those intense (and extremely heterosexual) gazes are put to good use.

Special thank you to the Spaniard for showing me this vid. She says, “I’m obsessed with this trailer. The music is awesome. Screw Fifty Shades of Grey. GIVE ME JOHNLOCK OR GIVE ME DEATH.”

I feel the same way, darling.

-The Collectress


Fanvid of the Week: The Walking Dead “Fear Is How I Fall”

Vidder: Grable424

Warnings for extensive violence and zombie gore. 

I recently discovered this vidder, and damn it all if I didn’t spend my lunch hour yesterday watching everything on Grable424’s YouTube channel. I’ve been mourning the hiatus for The Walking Dead recently, especially after the kick-ass fourth season. Grable424’s fanvids made that pain lessen, slightly, and then exacerbated it in other ways.

Out of all TWD vids, I chose this one because 1) it is beautifully and smoothly edited 2) it showcases the ensemble of characters and 3) emphasizes the apocalypse’s effects on the humanity of the survivors. Never seen an episode of TWD? This vid will show you what it’s all about.

Enjoy, my fannish friends.

Anxiously awaiting season 5,

-The Collectress


Fanvid of the Week: “Castiel The Motion Picture”

Vidder: badhalo

This post is dedicated to my SPNFamily who know that the SPN 10-year celebration should include all our favorite characters. Here, my family & friends, have a video dedicated to our favorite trenchcoated angel.

Also, for a more inclusive celebration for the show’s tenth season (and 200th episode), check out the Supernatural Wiki’s selfie project. 

-The Collectress