the walking dead season 5

So5xE09: “What Happened and What’s Going On”

The Tribe is back together but inevitably broken after the losing Beth in Slabtown. With not enough time to grieve, the group is forced to continue moving in order to find food and safety. It seems the troubles of the Tribe are, once again, focused on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, with physiology and safety being of the utmost concern. This episode reiterates that things go “the way [they] have to, the way [they] were always going to”, but what does that mean for the members of our tribe? Will they find shelter? Will the group retain their emotional fortitude to continue roaming the lower United States in search for friends, family and a home? Are there such things in a post-apocalyptic world?

spoilers ahead sweetie…

In a dystopic world, in which food, shelter and kindness are rarities, our factions are looking for stability. This includes, not only health, safety and companionship but also a sense of home. An environment in which occupants are able to rest and reflect is essential to the mental and physical health of our tribe members. This is why Rick was able to heal his mind after Lori’s death–he had work to keep him busy (Farmer Rick!) and a place to recuperate safely. After the confrontation with the Governor, the destruction of the prison and ultimately, the tribe rupture, factions are not only searching for each other, but meaning and purpose in a very violent and changed world.


S04xE14 “The Grove”