Celebrate Sam Winchester’s Birthday with a Special Episode Rewatch on May 2nd

Join The Collective Bloggers, The Geekiary and Profound Bond Inc on May 2nd for a special Sam Winchester birthday celebration. Sam Winchester is turning 31, and to celebrate the life of our favorite ex-demon blood junkie, trial participating, plaid wearing, clown fearing cutie, fans all over the interwebs will be watching our favorite episodes of Supernatural starring […]


Meme Monday: #WheresTheAngel part duex

Happy Monday, Collectors! The Collectress shared with you last week her new favorite thing on the interwebs, and of course it has to do with Misha Collins. The #WheresTheAngel hashtag on Tumblr and Twitter has us both cracking up and spending way too much time creating and reposting memes for our followers on those sites. […]