the walking dead season 5

S05xE08″: “Coda”

As the Tribe attempts to move forward through continuous obstacles that do not end with walkers, but include sickness, familial issues, mental health problems, hunger, and violent adversaries among other things, we are reminded that even the best of us is destined to pass through this mortal coil into the world beyond. As I mentioned last week, this is the nature of life; death is at the other end of the sentence as a closing parentheses that we all must attend to at some point. For those living in this post-apocalyptic universe, death may come at any moment, by any means. All Tribe members can do is attempt to discover value in experiences and move forward, learning from the past in order to construct a future.

As we reflect on the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead, we are reminded that, since the infestation of zombies into this universe, society has been precariously balanced on the precipice of change. For the Tribe, this has meant each member finding strength within, constructing individual value systems and then learning how to adapt those values to fit into the group. The question becomes, who have the members of the Tribe become? What endings have taken place, and what new beginnings will emerge?

Spoilers ahead, Sweetie! (Seriously, if you haven’t watched “Coda”, you are going to be spoiled in 5..4..3..2..1)

the walking dead season 5

S05xE04 :Slabtown”

Each tribe we have encountered so far has had an established hierarchy and Slabtown is no different. The law enforcement and lone doctor at Slabtown, the hospital Beth wakes up in after her mysterious disappearance/kidnapping, utilize a system of checks and balances that don’t necessarily even out for everyone. If civilization has become a system of governing laws like those ruling Terminus, Woodbury and Slabtown, can the human race ever really “come back” from the post-apocalyptic societies we have created in the meantime?

Spoilers ahead, Sweetie!


S05xE02 “Strangers”

 As the narrative of the Tribe moves forward, we begin to understand the depth of fear and mistrust that is built into these individuals, who have lost so much yet continue to move forward. To survive in the post-apocalyptic society, one is forced to make decisions against others quickly and without mercy, which is why Rick Grimes began to implement his “3 questions” routine with strangers.

How many walkers have you killed? 

How many people have you killed? 


The significance of these questions is not in any right or wrong answer. The importance stems from the honesty behind the answers, because dishonesty holds distinct ramification of not being allowed to join the tribe. The consequences, positive or negative, come from how an individual navigates the answers and reasons behind the question.Each member of the Tribe has had to kill at one time, including the living and/or dead. By contemplating these 3 points, an individual is forced to look inward. What is she capable of? What is she not strong enough to do? And, of course, why?

Spoilers ahead, Sweetie!

the walking dead season 5

S05xE01 “No Sanctuary”

The Tribe has come to Terminus and encountered the basest of humankind. The Terminus tribe have lied, connived and taken advantage of as many ears as their broadcast has reached. No one at Terminus has been forced to abuse their fellow man; these are the choices of their tribe. Still, the question becomes, what happened to Terminus that made these people engage in such vicious activities? Is this a case of a good group gone bad because of circumstance or is the Terminus tribe inherently evil? If evil is inherent or learned through experience, what does that mean our Tribe has the potential to become?

Spoilers ahead, sweetie!