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Doctor Who: “Caretaker,” “Kill the Moon” and the Bond With Humankind

S8xE06 “Caretaker” and S8xE07 “Kill the Moon” Since we took a week off, this post we are combining the last two episodes of Doctor Who, which have highlighted on the relationship between the Doctor and his companion, the link to and representation of a long term connection to humanity. Both episodes reveal a Doctor who shares a precarious bond with humankind that has become damaged by prejudices, preconceived […]


Fanfic Wednesday: Full Circle

Title: Full Circle Author: Sigyn Characters: Melody Pond/River Song, the 11th Doctor, Canton Delaware III Word Count: 13,182 Premise: The author’s description: There’s a disturbing gap in River Song’s canon history, from 1969-1984. What was she doing during all that time? Does anyone really think the Doctor would have left her abandoned like that? What happens […]