Property of the CW
Property of the CW

Episode 09×19 Or The One with the Confusing Title

Happy Winchester Wednesday! Last night, we saw the return of Sheriff Mills, and our boys encountered the most dysfunctional family since, well, the Winchesters.


The episode lights up on a girl being dragged into jail. She’s locked up and left alone in the cell while an officer on duty leaves to check out a B&E, and someone we assume to be her abusive boyfriend comes fo rher. He tells her that there is nowhere she can go, nowhere she can hide where ‘they’ won’t be able to find her. Creeper, much?  He becomes even creepier when he bares his fangs and we have the “oh shit he’s vampire Edward!” moment.

Then Sheriff Mills shows up and chops his head the f**k off.

It’s good to see a familiar face in Jody (she was last seen in that episode which shall never be named). This is familiar territory for the SPN family; one of the boys’ connections call with a case, and the Winchesters swoop in to save the day, killer classic rock soundtrack ever at the ready. It’s also one of the first times the boys have been back in Sioux Falls since Bobby’s death, and if that doesn’t kick your feels a little bit, go get tested because you might be a cyborg.

The boys and Jody discover that this girl has  been missing for eight years and, judging by the bite marks on her neck, she’s probably a blood slave to a nest of vampires. So sayeth the Winchesters. Sam (who should have been a psychologist, according to the Diva), remembers that sometimes these victims have a vampy Stockholm syndrome. Remember the Alpha’s pet back in season 7?  Well, after being raised by vampires, Alex/Annie/whatever-her-name-is views the nest as her family, and those bonds are hard to break.

After all, family doesn’t end with blood.


I know I’m a bit late to the party, but as I’m sure you realize, I am in a lot of fandoms. This week, I’ve been quite under the weather and with nothing to do but explore Netflix and sleep, I started in on my next television show obsession, Arrow. I’ve been wanting to watch this show ever since I saw this pic:

Stephen Amell and Jensen Ackles

And then there is this one, posted only last week on Twitter when Jared and Stephen went to a Pearl Jam concert together. Where’s my invite, boys??

Jared Padalecki and Stephen Amell

SWOON. My ovaries have officially exploded.

It’s been a while since we met at the crossroads, friend.

Let's make a deal.
Let’s make a deal.

So, the mid-season finale. Yeah. Kevin Tran. Yeesh. And SAM?? Poor moose. Poor MOOSE!! Honestly, though, I feel for Dean, whom, it seems, will never catch a break. His lies have set in motion a fearful end to season 9, including the death of the Collectress’ new crush, Kevin Freaking Solo. Supernatural returns from Hellatus January 14, 2014, and I don’t have much to add to the spoiler list as of now. Looking back at previous spoilers we’ve talked about this season, I was excited to see some of them come to fruition last night. Metatron is still a douche, and he did indeed meet up with Sam/Zeke/Gadreel in a dark alley, amongst other places. The problem still remains, what the hell are we supposed to do during the Hellatus?? For one, I suggest you visit Twitter and Orlando Jones‘ tweets for the past couple of episodes. Apparently, the man is a Destiel shipper who watches SPN each week and finally decided to get in on the action with the fans on Twitter. Between Orlando, Jared, Osric and Stephen Amell from Arrow, the celeb tweeting during “Holy Terror” S09xE09 felt like an epic snark battle of wits.

The fans loved it.

J2 live tweeting "Holy Terror"
J2 live tweeting “Holy Terror”

Whether your geek is an Anglophile, a Trekkie or a member of Loki’s Army, here is The Collectiva Diva’s Christmas gift giving guide for the the chicest geek you know.

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Official BBC Doctor Who bathrobes, $37-60