Thor #1 Cover

The Mighty Thor, one of Marvel’s best known characters, is immensely strong, brings an ancient chivalry to the Avengers, and wields a mythical hammer. Based on the Norse God of the same name, Thor is the embodiment of a warrior, a “man’s man” if you will. We all know what he looks like.

old thor
Character sketch by Russell Dauterman

Or do we?

As announced back in July, Marvel has taken the story of Thor and turned it upside down in the new Thor #1. To the surprise of many, Thor is now a woman. The new comic was released on October 1st, and of course I immediately downloaded it on the Marvel App to see what author Jason Aaron and artist Russell Dauterman had done to my favorite Avenger. As a woman invested in equality, I was particularly intrigued to see their treatment of a female superhero who is best known the world over for being a man.

Spoilers ahead!

I don’t talk about music often. I listen to it constantly, and my tastes are eclectic, but there is something very personal about the melodies that speak to me. Music is vital to my creative process, and as a writer, I find it invaluable. Film and television scores are a particular weakness of mine, and sometimes I have to watch a movie more than once simply because the first time all I did was lose myself in the composer’s creation. That being said, I’ve been writing a lot of fanfiction recently, and have opened up to my fellow writers about the kind of music that helps me immerse myself in the story.

Here are my top twenty-five scores to write to, in a very vague sort of order. Please note that I have combined certain series to save room on the list (it’s not cheating if the movies in a trilogy have the same composer!). Enjoy!

25.) Gone with the Wind by Max Steiner

24.) Meet Joe Black by Thomas Newman

A few months ago, the overlords and I embarked on a fantastic adventure into the world of Avengers cosplay. We debuted our outfits at Wondercon, with much success. We thought of it as a trial run, however, for an upcoming photoshoot with a dear friend. There were a few things we had to tweak and adapt for each costume prior to the photoshoot (such as fixing the widow’s bites for the Collectress’s Black Widow cosplay, and adjusting my Loki helm), but the Collectiva Diva only had one request: a Captain America purse to go with her geek chic cosplay.

Purchasing a purse was out of the question, due to high prices. So I took the project on myself, and had a great time crafting this for Diva. You can follow this short tutorial to make your own superhero bag.



  • Fabric of your choice
  • Cap’s Shield Iron-on
  • Thread to match your fabric
  • Fusible interfacing
  • A kitchen towel or something similar
  • An iron
  • A sewing machine
  • Pins
  • Tape Measure
  • Scissors
  • Your imagination!