Title: Take Me Out (to the ball game)             Author: TamrynEradani

Pairings: Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski              Word Count: 33,690

Happy Wednesday, Shippers!

I’ve been waiting ALL summer to rec this one. I read it while it was still in-progress, and every update e-mail was a small gift from the fanfic gods, and a beloved respite from the DCBB writing mayhem that was my summer.

You may recognise the author. She’s responsible for one of the Destiel ship’s most popular (and smutty) fanfics: “Carry On.” Which, if you haven’t read, you definitely should.

An argument with my housemate last night:

Me: I can’t believe you watch “Snooki and J-wow.” My brain is crying.

Her: Well, you could just go watch your stupid Supernatural in your room.

Me: Get. Out.

Her: I know you watch Teen Wolf. You can’t make fun of me for my bad TV obsession when you watch that sh*t. 

Me: Oh, I’m going to bring you an illustrated argument and you will EAT YOUR WORDS.

Her: Bring it. 

Little does my housemate know that after teaching basic writing composition and rhetoric for three years, I am more than capable of winning this debate, and I’ll do it Aristotle-style.

Logos (A Logical Argument)

Teen Wolf surprised me. Let’s be honest: I didn’t expect much from the plot. I expected sensationalism and cheesy love triangles, and, okay, that occasionally happens, but honestly? This show is much more than that. It’s not Supernatural or Doctor Who, but it does fill a gap in my tv watching that’s been empty since the days of Buffy the Vampire Slayer: the teenage drama.

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