This week The Collective gals spontaneously fangirled in their writing, following the Collectiva Diva’s post on Jensen Ackles’ tweets and the Spaniard’s dreamy Hiddleswooning article.  Okay, so maybe not so spontaneously. So I’m just gonna jump right in and fangirl along with my cohorts.

Facebook told me this morning that my beloved Tahmoh Penikett had been named #13 in a list of Canada’s 25 Hottest Bachelors. Obviously there was a typo on the list and they accidentally added a “3” behind the “#1,” because I mean, c’mon, take a look at the photo op I took with Tahmoh last year and try not to swoon!

Ok, now I’m swooning because damn.


While I disagree with Tahmoh’s placement on the list, I must say that seeing the article on my Facebook feed pushed me into a spiral of fangirling that nearly prevented me from finishing my dissertation. And then I went through Tahmoh’s filmography and then whoops, I made this list of five things starring Tahmoh that you should absolutely watch, and not just because the man is swoon-worthy but because he’s got badass talent. 


I know I’m a bit late to the party, but as I’m sure you realize, I am in a lot of fandoms. This week, I’ve been quite under the weather and with nothing to do but explore Netflix and sleep, I started in on my next television show obsession, Arrow. I’ve been wanting to watch this show ever since I saw this pic:

Stephen Amell and Jensen Ackles

And then there is this one, posted only last week on Twitter when Jared and Stephen went to a Pearl Jam concert together. Where’s my invite, boys??

Jared Padalecki and Stephen Amell

SWOON. My ovaries have officially exploded.

Hello, dear readers.

Let me welcome you to my version of “Winchester Wednesday,” wherein I will blog weekly about angels, demons, and all things hunter as each episode of season 9 airs.  For simplicity’s sake, I will give a recap of each episode (spoilers will be had, darling) and my reactions/thoughts to the current season.

So without any further ado, let’s discuss the first episode of Supernatural season 9: “I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here.” (And oh boy, does that title have a different significance after the end of the episode). Two things before I get started with the recap: (1) I apologise for any blathering, dithering or ranting in this post. I just finished the premiere about 10 minutes ago and my feels are running amok. Like demons. (2) J2 WATCHED THE PREMIERE TOGETHER. And my heart melted from cuteness.

This is the most adorable thing since Milo and Otis went on a roadtrip.
This is the most adorable thing since Milo and Otis went on a roadtrip.

The Recap *SPOILERS*


The Winchesters

The season opens up with Sam and Dean in the Impala, just as it should be. Except it isn’t. DUH DUH DUH. Sam is in a coma, and the Impala scenes are his coma-dreams. Dean is in the hospital, sitting at his brother’s bedside, and the doc ain’t bringing good news.  Looks like the younger Winchester’s expiration date is near at hand, but Dean won’t buy that spiel. In his mind, they’ve beaten hell and death and a couple dozen other impossible things and there’s no reason to give up now. This brings me to the point where I first cried–and it was in the first five minutes of the episode (somehow, I have a feeling that this season is going to destroy any emotional stability I had left). Dean Winchester, the man who would stab an Angel of the Lord before trusting one, heads to a chapel to pray. This is a remarkable demonstration of faith from a man who isn’t “much for the prayer thing.” He first prays to Castiel, who isn’t able to answer (more on that in a minute), and when his prayer is unanswered, he pretty much sends out a mass text to every angel anywhere. This lets us in on two things (1) Dean is really f**king desperate to save Sam and (2) the angels have a gilded invitation to the Winchesters’ location. Some celestiel dick shows up and attempts to force Dean into “helping” him (no rapey subtext there at all), but luckily for the hunter, another angel with better intentions shows up to save him.