***A spoiler free review***

Stranger Things Review: “PG-13 Stuff Can Still Creepy”

Everything about Stranger Things is cool, and it’s not just hype, I promise. From their make-a-gif website to the really interesting episode titles that tell a story in themselves, the Netflix original series, Stranger Things has taken genre television to an entirely new dimension and I love it.


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***A spoiler free review***

The Get Down Review: “The Bronx was Out of Control in the 70s”

This musical and visual masterpiece, brought to us by Baz Luhrmann, details the birth of hip hop culture in the South Bronx, set in the summer of 1977. There is disco and grafitti art, afros and clear racial and class lines drawn between the burroughs. The Get Down is a thoughtful and relatable coming of age narrative that nails the tensions of black youth in America.