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Family Don’t End With Blood: What AKF and YANA Are All About

If you’re not part of the Supernatural fandom, the acronyms in this title probably mean nothing to you. However, although they’re part of a movement in one fandom, what they represent could benefit members of all fandoms. Here is some enlightenment: “AKF” stands for Always Keep Fighting, and was/is the name of actor Jared Padalecki’s campaign to raise funds […]


Happy Holidays to the SPN Family!

All I Want For Christmas is the Supernatural Hellatus to End I’ve experienced a few series hiatuses (yes, I looked it up and that is the plural word) in my time. The Walking Dead, Doctor Who, friggen Sherlock! Still, none as acutely as this ridiculous holiday hellatus that is the Supernatural Christmas break. When did I become so attached to […]


Meme Monday: Moondor

Happy Monday, Collectors! Here’s a LOTR and SPN mash-up meme, especially for my dear Collectress. xoxo The Collectiva Diva Related articles Meme Monday: Padamoose (acollectivemind.wordpress.com) Meme Mondays: Captain Jack, a SexLord for All of Time and Space (acollectivemind.wordpress.com) Meme Monday: What Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Trailer? (acollectivemind.wordpress.com)