I have done my best to keep this review spoiler-free and will tag any potential spoilers with **. 

The last few years have been good to Star Wars fans. The Force Awakens sparked new life in the fandom, Rogue One reminded us of just what about this story inspires in us, and The Last Jedi brought bittersweet new beginnings to the franchise. The latest episode from the franchise–Solo: A Star Wars Story–differs from others in recent history in that it takes one of our favorite characters, the coolest guy in the galaxy, and immerses him in a history that’s only barely hinted at in the original trilogy. It’s a risk–a big one–because Han Solo is part of the most iconic trio in movie history, and his original portrayer, Harrison Ford, is one of the biggest box office draws in Hollywood. Ever.

So, does Solo beat the odds and become a new integral piece of the Star Wars Cinematic Universe?