By The Collectress

If you couldn’t tell, the Collective gals love Halloween. We’ve written a lot about it this year, but now that the day is almost finally here, we find ourselves lamenting that it’s on a workday. No fear (or, maybe a little bit of fear), I’ve found something to pass the day at work tomorrow: scary short films. Close the office blinds and turn off the lights, and maybe grab an office mate or two, because these are creepy af. 

I haven’t written about short films much in the time I’ve been doing this blog (although Collectiva Diva has posted about Benedict Cumberbatch’s “Inseparable”), they remain one of my favourite genres in the film industry. If ever you want to make me sob like a whoa, just play “Changing Batteries” while I’m in the room. I cry every. friggin. time. Short films are also the surest way to make me smile until my jaw aches and I’ll need paracetamol. Here are my five favourite happy short films. Watch them, share them, and for Chuck’s sake smile a little.


Written and Directed by Kurt Kuenne, starring TJ Thyne & Vicki Davis
Summary: A parking attendant validates people. (If you’re not inspired to go out and do random acts of kindness after watching this, watch it again.)