i ship it

Hello, class, and welcome back to Shipping 101! I decided to do this in lieu of our typical Fanfic Wednesday because sometimes a ship just comes at you like a battering ram and all you can do is let yourself be swept away. Today, we’ll be talking about my newest obsession—Bellarke.

by octaviiia
by octaviiia

As some of you know, I recently started watching and recapping The 100, and found myself waylaid by one of the biggest ships in the fandom. For anyone yet unfamiliar with the post-apocalyptic CW show, here’s the shipping need-to-know: Clarke Griffin and Bellamy Blake were born in space 97 years after radioactive bombs destroyed the remainder of humanity on earth. When the Ark can no longer sustain its population, 100 underage delinquents are sent down in a dropship to see if the earth is survivable again. Clarke and Bellamy become the de facto leaders of the group, making difficult decisions in the face of moral and ethical questions right out of Lord of the Flies or Lost. Clarke grew up as the privileged daughter of the Ark’s doctor and Senior Environmental Engineer, while Bellamy was raised by a single mother who had a second (illegal) child she was forced to hide under the floorboards of their apartment. Although they were both raised on the Ark, Bellamy and Clarke come from vastly different worlds. But hey, opposites attract, right? The two didn’t agree on anything during the first several episodes of season one, and at one point it seemed as though Bellamy wanted Clarke out of the way. But after saving each other’s lives a few times, they learned to rely on one another and became fast friends. It isn’t hard to see that they trust each other, love each other, and would die for each other. Hell, they’re more than friends. I would call it a profound bond on the brink of a slow-burn romance.

I could wax eloquently on why they are my new OTP…or I could let them say it for me. 

Hello, class and welcome back to Shipping 101! Today we are exploring a controversial topic–RPF or, “real person/people fiction”. Shipping real people and not characters can be tricky, because these people are often in real life relationships and therefore it can feel a little squicky to think about the REAL people participating in fanfiction-esque activities. But, once you get past the trepidation, it can actually be a lot of fun. Many fandoms, especially “bandoms” (band fandoms), do the RPF thing, because the people are close in real life and because, well, fandoms are weird, and we like to imagine our faves together. For many years I have stayed away from RPF, but recent events have turned a page in my shipping textbook, and I come to you today with a very real need to carefully share my newest OTP, Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins, AKA Cockles (insert heart eyes here).

i ship it

If you ship Destiel (as you know we do), you probably do so through the transformative works of fans. If you’re like me, you may troll the many fanfic recommendation blogs on Tumblr or go through the 30k plus works tagged “Castiel/Dean Winchester” on AO3 looking for something well written and with enough length to develop characters and plot lines. Look no further, Dean and Cas fans, the time of the DCBB is upon us.

Hello class and welcome back to Shipping 101!

Today, we are going to board a new slash ship of mine–Stucky. This pairing has impressed itself upon my heart and has been gaining momentum since I experienced the wonder that is Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Now, I’ve been taught by the dear Admiral herself, the first rule of shipping is DO NOT SINK SOMEONE ELSE’S SHIP (which is why she and I don’t discuss Doctor Who ships or, apparently, Captain America slash). Yes, you may have your opinions and your preferences, but they don’t have to be mine and vice versa. I promise not to write a manifesto about Stucky if you promise not to force your ships into my harbor, so to speak.

That means, if you don’t like it, don’t read it, simple as that.


“Stucky” is a slash ship pairing between Steve Rogers aka Captain America (Chris Evans) and his lifelong companion and friend, Bucky Barnes aka The Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan). While I do not claim to be a Marvel comic book aficionado, I am a Marvel movie fan. My appreciation for the films has caused me to explore the Marvel Universe through cosplay, film and even develop an interest in the comics–although I am wary of attempting to go through 70+ years of comics just to prove myself worthy to talk about Marvel. Still–and trust me I’ve heard it already–I DO recognize that this beautiful ship is NOT canon according to the comics (although, I beg to differ in terms of the films).

And you know what? I don’t care.