Recently, The Collective Bloggers attended a little convention known as WonderCon 2016. I was lucky enough to sit down with the cast and crew of Wynonna Earp, the SyFy channel show based on the thrilling comic book series created by Beau Smith and adapted by Emily Adras. Our newest Collected Contributor, Jay Jaqobis, will be penning weekly reviews on this feminist, scifi, supernatural (don’t call it a) Western, and I was lucky enough to ask Emily Andras (showrunner, writer executive producer) and Beau Smith (comic book creator) a few questions at the convention this past weekend. Read our interview below.


The Writers

Beau, what has it been like adapting your original vision into an entirely different medium?

Beau Smith: It’s been fun…

Emily Andras: I’ve got a taser under the table [laughs]. I’m watching you!

Beau Smith: I’ve always written Wynonna Earp at 40-45 years old, in the prime of her Black Badge career and Emily has opened this wonderful world of basically, the origin of Wynonna Earp and how she went from a mess to the best…

How does the comic book arc differ from the television series arc?

Beau Smith: We’re trying to do a hybrid with the comic book, where the traditional Wynonna Earp readers from the last twenty years can pick this new series up and go, “Oh yeah, it’s the origin of Wynonna Earp,” and [those traditional readers] watching the television show, they go, “Oh, Doc Holliday! He’s never been in there before, or Waverly…this is new stuff!” These are gifts [traditional readers] are getting now, so, they’re getting extras. Whereas, the people that have never read a comic book and never will, possibly, watch the television show (if they do pick it up), [those viewers] are going to go, “This is the Wynonna Earp I see on T.V. She’s getting to travel, she’s getting to do all these other adventures.”