*Ahoy! Spoilers ahead**

In Season 8, “Make Your Own Kind of Music,” Dexter and team finally figure out what audiences might have guessed with the random insertion of a hot dude that hasn’t died yet into the cast–Oliver Saxon, Cassie the dead neighbor’s boy toy–is the Brain Surgeon AND Dr. Vogel’s not-dead son. Phew! What a plot twist. So, why am I not impressed?

Saxon gets questioned and his hair still looks amaze balls.
Saxon gets questioned by Bautista and his hair still looks amaze balls.


In “Every Silver Lining”, audiences and Dexter start to see some background info on the creation of this serial killer of serial killers by the sinister Doctor Vogel and the scene is as disturbing as it is insightful. The running theme of the developing relationship between Dex and Vogel revolves around poor little Dexter’s mommy issues. Dexter; who watched his biological mom die in a pool of her own blood, who’s adopted mom died at a pivotal time in Dexter’s life, now has Doctor Vogel, who claims that Dexter Morgan, is her “perfect” creation.

Dexter Morgan is all grown up.
Dexter Morgan is all grown up.