Let’s all take a moment of silence for the end to one of the best shows on television.

Okay, now…Seriously? SERIOUSLY!!?? WHAAAAT THE FUCK!!!??? Dexter series finale, “Remember the Monsters” reminded us that Dexter is still a BAMF, still a killer, and not likely to fit into society no matter who is by his side. Was it sappy? A bit, yes. I didn’t get the chance to watch the show as it premiered, and so I was left wondering why my cohort warned me to “have a box of kleenex handy” as I enjoyed this last installment of Showtime’s Dexter. Well, I’m not wondering any longer, now am I? This episode had me all over the place emotionally. The fact that Saxon got away at the end of the last episode top on my list of “fuck no” moments, not only because he gut-shot Deb, but because of him and stupid Elway, Dexter, Harrison and Hannah didn’t get on that original flight to Argentina. With Deb in the hospital, Dexter decides to go to her side and they proceed to hold the last conversation they will ever have. Deborah says she is sorry for ruining Dexter’s life, Dexter says it was all his fault and then flashes back to the moment he and Deb met Harrison right after he was born in the very same hospital Deb seems to be dying in. It is a sobering moment to see Deb before she knew about Dexter’s “dark passenger.” She looks so happy and innocent, and audiences are reminded that yes, her life did change for the worse when she found out about Dexter’s killing tendencies. Still, we can’t hate Dexter. He has grown so much over the series, made mistakes and tried to remedy them, but good intentions don’t erase the fact that there have been more than a few innocent people who died to keep his secret safe.

Deborah Morgan, she stood by her brother when no one else would.
Deborah Morgan, she stood by her brother when no one else would.


In the 10th episode of the show’s final season, Dexter Morgan tries to say “Goodbye Miami” and instead is forced to say goodbye to his Spiritual Mother figure, as Doctor Vogel gets her throat violently slit by her creepy serial killer son, Daniel Saxon.

Mama Vogel and baby Saxon, awkward at breakfast.
Mama Vogel and baby Saxon, awkward at breakfast.


Dexter Season 8 has seen our favorite serial killer up against not only a new kind of killer in the Brain Surgeon but also Dexter’s own demons. With his relationship with Deb deteriorating and generally in flux, his day job with the Miami Police department a constant threat to Dexter’s night time activities and his own moral compass of Harry’s Code in question, it seems that life is irrevocably shifting for dear old Dex.

*Ahoy! Spoilers ahead**

In Season 8, “Make Your Own Kind of Music,” Dexter and team finally figure out what audiences might have guessed with the random insertion of a hot dude that hasn’t died yet into the cast–Oliver Saxon, Cassie the dead neighbor’s boy toy–is the Brain Surgeon AND Dr. Vogel’s not-dead son. Phew! What a plot twist. So, why am I not impressed?

Saxon gets questioned and his hair still looks amaze balls.
Saxon gets questioned by Bautista and his hair still looks amaze balls.

In Season 8, episode 6, “A Little Reflection,” we see Dexter and the cast preparing for the future, which audiences know is pointless, because the show’s about to end. So, Dexter has a potential killer to stalk, the handsome, rich and equally creepy, Zach Hamilton. Zach is guilty of murder and both Dexter and Quinn know it. This unlikely pair are working toward the same goal–finding hard evidence that Zach is a murderer. It starts to get weird when we find out that Zach is seeing Dr. Vogel, and even weirder when it is revealed that Vogel wants Dexter to mentor Zach ala Harry’s Code. Seems like a big conflict of interests, but the good doctor doesn’t seem too concerned.

Zach sees the blood as art.

In Season 8 episode 3, “What’s Eating Dexter Morgan?” viewers are led down a dark spiral of understanding as Dexter finally begins to realize that his so-called “love” for his sister Deborah is only a reflection of his own selfish needs. Deb is straight up losing her mind to Dexter’s secrets, which we all knew was going to happen eventually, but if you’re like me, you don’t want Deb’s conscience to mess with Dexter’s serial killing ways quite yet. Who knew a crazed psychopath could be so lovable? Vogel interprets Dexter’s relationship with Deb as completely focused on what she can do for him, and, since we know Dexter is a killer and has screwed up Deb pretty bad, there’s really no arguing with that conclusion.

The “his” and “hers” boxes were a cute touch. Remind us to send a thank-you note.


In “Every Silver Lining”, audiences and Dexter start to see some background info on the creation of this serial killer of serial killers by the sinister Doctor Vogel and the scene is as disturbing as it is insightful. The running theme of the developing relationship between Dex and Vogel revolves around poor little Dexter’s mommy issues. Dexter; who watched his biological mom die in a pool of her own blood, who’s adopted mom died at a pivotal time in Dexter’s life, now has Doctor Vogel, who claims that Dexter Morgan, is her “perfect” creation.

Dexter Morgan is all grown up.
Dexter Morgan is all grown up.