So far this season, our heroes and villains have been to Camelot and back. Emma remains the Dark One, while her friends and family try desperately to regain their memories and help her turn away from the path of Darkness. In a twist of fate, Regina and Rumple are the heroes they never thought they would be, while the former savior and the famed King of Camelot have both fallen to evil and conniving thoughts. Merida is kicking ass and taking names, while the fate of the town may yet rest again on Henry’s young shoulders.

Spoilers ahead, dearies.

You might have heard me squee across the internet when I realized I would get to write about Season 6. The French Mistake! Huzzah! This is one of the few episodes I watch over and over again–just to have a laugh and to marvel at the pure joy that is Supernatural. These guys really love to mess with us, don’t they, fandom? The Collective blog is on a meta roll, and I figured I’d round it out with this epic alternate reality in which Sam and Dean are something called a Jensen Ackles and a Jared Padalecki. They also work with some douchy Twitter troll named Misha. Oh, and Sam is married to fake-Ruby. Ya. This is gonna be good.

"The French Mistake" -  Jensen Ackles as Dean playing Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki as Sam playing Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins as Castiel playing Misha Collins playing Castiel in SUPERNATURAL on The CW set.
“The French Mistake” – Jensen Ackles as Dean playing Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki as Sam playing Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins as Castiel playing Misha Collins playing Castiel in SUPERNATURAL on The CW set.

I am admittedly not much of a cosplayer. This is not because I don’t LURV cosplay, but I don’t really look like the girls in the movies, I don’t have a lot of frivolous spending money to just go costuming, and I am a bit of a perfectionist. That’s why, when I decided to work on a femme!Dean Winchester cosplay for the J2 Burbank Convention, I was nervous but kind of excited because Dean is just so simple. Jeans and a t-shirt, a flannel and a shitload of weapons, that’s my boy. Half of that stuff I have in my closet already, but in cosplay, it is the little details that make the outfit authentic. I’ve decided that I will represent Dean’s signature tee and flannel look. Since November in California isn’t terribly cold, I’m not going to worry about the leather jacket, instead, I’m going for the Destiel look, with a special printed “I Wuv Cas” shirt, the epic handprint (drawn on), plus a slew of adorable accessories to compliment an otherwise fairly normal tee shirt, boots and denim ensemble.

I am currently putting together my Supernatural Con outfit and I need your help, Collectors. I’ve decided on a few key items, but after that, I am open to suggestion. The con is at the end of November, I am poor and I don’t want to ignore the fact that I am a voluptuous and feminine woman, so those are my criteria. Here are my ideas.


The Collectiva Diva

My inspiration.
My inspiration.

For me, season 3 is where the show went from good to great. As we countdown the days to season 9 (only 5 days now, folks!), I’m seeing so many connections between the early seasons and where the Winchesters are at now. Now, in my opinion, the best episode of season 3 is the last one: “No Rest for the Wicked.”



S03xE16 AKA the First Time Supernatural Broke My Heart

Dean’s Best Line:

“Sammy, all I’m saying is that you’re my weak spot. You are. And I’m yours.”

Sam’s Best Line:

“No. No. Dean.”



In the season 3 finale, Dean’s expiration date draws closer. The boys have not yet found a way to break Dean’s contract with Lillith, and if they don’t find something soon, the hellhounds are going to drag the elder Winchester straight to hell. After tricking Ruby and gaining possession of her knife, the boys and Bobby decide to go after Lillith with all guns blazing (metaphorically of course). This is the episode that broke the heart of viewers everywhere and left everyone screaming, “What the hell happened!” over the course of the hiatus.