True Blood Recap: Death Is Not the End

Spoilers, darling. Spoilers.  We are one week closer to the end, and that means that the episodes are becoming increasingly difficult to watch. This week’s episode “Death Is Not the End” has been my favorite of season 7 so far. Here are a few highlights from the episode: Sookie Stands Up For Herself At the […]


True Blood Recap: I Found You

Spoilers, darling. Spoilers.  Property of HBO Alright, Truebies, the end is nigh, and vampirical hell is coming for Bon Temps. Now, last week’s episode had some of our favorite characters in peril, and left Sookie’s best friend, Tara, a pile of vampire goo.  The story lines are wrapping up, and while True Blood has a long tradition of […]


True Blood Recap: Jesus Gonna Be Here

Spoilers, darling. Spoilers.  The final season of True Blood begins right where season 6 ended: with the imminent attack on the good people of BonTemps by rogue Hep-V infected vampires. The showrunners are unforgiving this year and in the first 10 minutes of the show we lost one of our main characters in the attack. But […]