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Episode 10×02 or “Dean’s Not Here Right Now”

To sum up last week’s premiere: Dean and Crowley are BFFs. Sam’s been taken hostage by an assassin who’s looking for Dean. Cas is dying. How’s that for season 10 feels?  *Spoilers ahead, darlings*


Demon!Dean is still “howling at the moon.” The episode lights up on a flashback to 2003, when Dean killed the Cole the would-be assassin’s father (special thanks to @AshleyBacon4 and @rob0349 for helping me out with that one!).


Episode 10×01 or “The Misadventures of Crowley and Squirrel”

The Hellatus has ended. Demon!Dean is canon. I don’t even know what the f**k is happening anymore.

Let me confess something to you, since we’re all SPN Family here: I haven’t watched any promos for season 10. I woke up at 4:30 am to watch the premiere, and, armed with tea and biscuits, I prepared myself for what season 10 was going to throw at us. Yup, I’m going into this one blind of expectations, and I’m glad I did. *Spoilers ahead, darlings*


After a flashback of last season’s happenings to Pat Benatar’s “Heartbreaker,” we see a lonely (and injured) Sam moping around the bunker. Not even five minutes in, and we get the sense that Sammy has followed all the traditional protocols to search for his brother–checking the news, listening to police scanners–as well as some nontraditional ones, which we see in his interrogation of a woman.

"Guess I'll just wait here for the menfolk to fight over me...again."
“Guess I’ll just wait here for the menfolk to fight over me…again.”

I beg your forgiveness, Collectors. I’ve been remiss in my updates on the final season of True Blood. We bloggers took a break, and then there was GISHWHES, but, truthfully, I’ve found myself without things to say about the middle episodes of the seventh season.

Not so anymore.

The finale approaches, and while I had hoped to see one of my favorite shows be efficiently and logically wrapped up in precise and poignant writing, it seems that it’s not meant to be. This is not to say, however, that there are not things that I like about this season. I love that LaFayette has a new love interest. I like the references to story lines in earlier seasons that were never wrapped up, like Jason’s issues with Hoyt or Jessica’s binge-eating of Andy’s fairy daughters. There are some things that are blatantly ignored (like all of season 5, for example), but on the whole the writers have done an admirable job of letting characters deal with their past mistakes.

And then there’s Sookie.