Over the years, the Collectress and I have done some strange things in honor of our overlord’s August 20th birthday. This week, to celebrate Misha Collins and the inspiration he brings, me and a few friends participated in random acts of kindness and wanted to share our stories with you. Some did a kind deed for a friend, some for strangers, all because we want to make the world a better place, one act of kindness at a time. If you’re inspired, why not go out and do something nice for someone this weekend? It doesn’t cost anything to get kind, plus being nice is clinically proven to lower your chances of being an assbutt and raise your level of angel-dom.

Thanks for making us want to be better people, Misha and we hope your birthday was filled with joy, laughter, love and kindness!


C. Diva

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When my friend Emmy text me to ask if she could crash on my couch this week so that we might make a pilgrimage to Misha Collins’ jogging path through the Hollywood Hills, I didn’t know what to say at first. Well, yes, I did. I called her crazy.

“Crazy good, or crazy bad??” She text.

“Both.” I replied. “Both.”

Emmy left her home in San Francisco to make the six hour drive to Los Angeles, arriving in time for a late lunch/early dinner at In ‘N’ Out and a movie night that consisted of “Saturday Night Fever” on Netflix, which was a much more problematic film than I remembered it to be, if I’m being honest. We went to bed at a decent hour because we planned to leave early enough to beat the SoCal heat on the hills, and set out before 9am to Hollywood, California to visit the Griffith Park Teahouse, a piece of installation art built by a group of anonymous artists from the area with reclaimed wood from the 2007 fires.

The June 30th sunrise unveiling of the Teahouse was covered by the Los Angeles Times and sparked the interest of our overlord, who tweeted the article, quickly causing fans to draw conclusions that our quirky, woodworking, GishWheS masterminding, Hollywood Hills jogging ringleader just might have something to do with the project.


Happy 40th birthday Misha Collins!

You found our blog once, perhaps you will find us again as we take a few moments to count down the 6 reasons (for your 6 years on SPN) we love you.

6) TheRandomAct.org

Misha Collins in Haiti with Random Acts
Misha Collins in Haiti with Random Acts

Your work with Random Acts inspires people all across the globe to do something nice for a stranger without expecting anything in return. Last year on your bday, the Collectress and I peppered the mall parking lot with friendly love notes on car windows. This year, we went out for a lovely lunch together (and I snuck the check).


Kitchenware Couture Pirate Wedding photo cr: The Spaniard
Kitchenware Couture Pirate Wedding photo cr: The Spaniard

The Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen was the most fun I’ve had with my friends all year long. You inspired us to create art, to laugh and to give back to our community.My dad walked me down the aisle for my vow renewal, which he didn’t get to do the first time. I also made a PowerPoint presentation about Jared Padalecki’s hair.

Thanks for that.