We’re reaching the end of the road, SPN fam. In just a few days, the fifteenth–and final–season of Supernatural will premiere. I, for one, will have a hard time saying goodbye, so I’m beginning my farewell tour…now. If you’re like me and feeling a little blue this Monday, or are just needed a reminder of a few important life truths, look no further.

Dear Collectors,

Wherever you’re at in your mental health journey, there are days that you will struggle. There are days when you cannot get out of bed and when you will feel like giving up. Those days are an unavoidable part of the human experience, but when they do come, I’d like to offer you some wisdom, via the happiest painter to ever live, Bob Ross.

Welp, I screwed up and missed my Motivation Monday post (oops…), so here I am, bringing you some RuPaul wisdom to get you through your Tuesday. And if you don’t know who RuPaul is, well, she’s the Glamazon, Supermodel of the World who has dragged (pun intended) her career into an international spotlight and made the drag community an international phenomenon with the hit reality series RuPaul’s Drag Race. (He’s also an author, musician, actor, and probably the owner of a small empire.)

by the Collected Mutineer

A few days ago, we lost one of the most inspiring and influential personalities in modern media. Anthony Bourdain—chef, traveler, humanist—died by suicide on June 8. He left behind a multilayered legacy of more than just good food; for many, he was a teacher. He taught us about the world and the many wonders in it. He taught us about how to listen and learn from other cultures that are not our own. He taught us how to appreciate, how to listen, and how to connect with people. May you continue to find inspiration and motivation in the words he left behind.

by the Collectress

Since the 41st anniversary of Star Wars has just come and gone, Carrie Fisher has once again settled on my mind (okay so she’s always on my mind). Carrie was an impressive lady who was very honest with her struggles with bipolar disorder and addiction. And from that honesty, there are a few valuable lessons we should learn.