For those of our readers interested in having a visit across the Pond, some of the most British things to do are to take a wander through one of London’s many beautiful parks or sit and have a chat with friends in a comfortable pub. So without any ado, here are a few of the Collected Mutineer’s and my favourite spots in jolly ole London town. -The Collectress

Gunnersbury Park

The Collectress and I discovered this park completely by accident while on an excursion to find lactose-free ice cream. (It’s a long story.) Although the trek ultimately proved meaningless, we liked this park so much that we returned a few times—we even took some pictures for Gishwhes there!

Gunnersbury, which is located just between Brentford and Acton (i.e. in Greater London), has a long and interesting history, which can still be glimpsed today. While several manors have been built on that land, the most famous was owned by Princess Amelia in the latter half of the 18th century. Although that house was eventually torn down, two new mansions took its place in the early 19th century. The larger of the two currently serves as the Gunnersbury Park Museum. The park also boasts a community garden, a children’s play area, an 18th century “temple” and a boathouse built in the Gothic style. -CM