*Ahoy! Spoilers ahead**

In Season 8, “Make Your Own Kind of Music,” Dexter and team finally figure out what audiences might have guessed with the random insertion of a hot dude that hasn’t died yet into the cast–Oliver Saxon, Cassie the dead neighbor’s boy toy–is the Brain Surgeon AND Dr. Vogel’s not-dead son. Phew! What a plot twist. So, why am I not impressed?

Saxon gets questioned and his hair still looks amaze balls.
Saxon gets questioned by Bautista and his hair still looks amaze balls.

Season 8 episode 4, “Scar Tissue”, set the tone for what I think we can expect from the series finale. Dexter is on a sloppy, emotional hunt for Vogel’s rogue patient and has developed a huge blindspot when it comes to his deteriorating relationship with Deb. Spoilers ahead!

Dexter might die.
Dexter needs some table time.