Hillywood Presents: A Walking Dead Parody

As I browse the interwebs and contemplate writing my Walking Dead review this week, I came across this Hillywood parody of the show (featuring OSRIC CHAU!!), and had to share. You may remember my post earlier this year of the Hillywood Doctor Who parody–yup. This geeky sister duo is good. If you like Queen, walker-gore and a good laugh, watch and enjoy this hilarious take on one of the most popular shows on television.

xoxo The Collectiva Diva



Travel Through Time and Space with the ‘Doctor Puppet’

It is almost Doctor Who Week here at the Collective Blog, and I am so excited, I had to give you a little preview of the cool Whovian-type stuff we will be looking at starting Sunday, November 17 until November 23, the day the 50th anniversary episode premieres across the world, so #SaveTheWeek!


 Meet Alisa Stern.

She is an animation artist from New York City who partnered with Nerdist in Spring 2013 to create 3-minute stop motion animation films starring the adorable Eleventh Doctor in puppet form.

Alisa Stern and her Doctor.
Alisa Stern and her Doctor.

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