If money wasn’t an issue, what would you wear for Halloween?

Me? I’d pay someone to paint me entirely blue, Mystique-style.

Every year, I am continually fascinated (and amused) by the costumes donned by the rich and famous. Some actors seem to be tired of costumes and opt for simpler ideas, but others fully embrace the “Wear whatever the hell you want” atmosphere of All Hallows’ Eve.

Here are some of my favorite costumes from Halloween 2013. You may notice a tendency for geeky costumes.

Miranda Lambert as The Good Witch of Oz

I want to skip the yellow brick road with Mrs. Blake Shelton.

Adam Baldwin as…Himself? (Special Guest Star: Nathan Fillion‘s Tweet Response)

Nathan Fillion, the reigning Geek King of Twitter, gets one-upped by his previous Firefly co-star. (You don’t know how much it kills me inside to write “previous.” Browncoats unite! And wear a Jayne hat)

The BAMFs are back tonight, Zombies beware!
The BAMFs are back tonight, Zombies beware!

Tonight is the Night!

AMC’s The Walking Dead premieres season 4 tonight and I cannot wait to see what crazy shit Sheriff Rick and his pals are up to. Don’t forget to watch AMC tonight at 9pm to see Daryl Dixon slicing zombies and Carl most likely wandering off. Click here to see a sneak preview of tonight’s episode, “30 Days Without an Accident.” THAT doesn’t sound ominous, does it?