Galavant returned on Sunday night, with new songs, new guest stars, and more of Timothy Omundson’s magnificent beard. Spoilers ahead!

Episode 1— “A New Season aka Suck It Cancellation Bear” or “Off With His Shirt”

ABC/Nick Ray
ABC/Nick Ray

Things pick up right where they left off. Galavant and King Richard are on board the pirate ship captained by the Earl of Grantham Peter the Pillager on their way to Richard’s kingdom. (For anyone who has forgotten, even though the majority of last season took place in the kingdom of Valencia, Richard and Madalena invaded that land; it originally belonged to Isabella’s family.) After a rousing introduction, the ship crashes near the coast, and the unlikely duo begin their trek to Richard’s castle. They quickly lose their way and end up in the Enchanted Forest—a gay bar in the middle of the woods run by a queen (Kylie Minogue). The queen (who is Joshua Sasse’s alleged real-life girlfriend) finds him rather fetching, and decides to keep the pair as slaves to work in the bar. They eventually escape with the help of Richard’s long-lost Uncle Keith, who opts to stay behind with his boyfriend Destiny.

In Valencia, Madalena is forced to acknowledge that Gareth is actually the king, having been the person who deposed the previous king. Sid doesn’t really know if he’s a hostage or a squire, but he takes a bubble bath in a bucket, and it’s really adorable. Meanwhile, in Hortensia (which is absolutely a woman’s name, and who decides what these countries get named, anyway?), Isabella is still locked up in that weird pink room. Her parents refuse to listen to her pleas, explaining that Galavant is long gone, and the engagement to her little cousin must continue. Gross.

The Mutineer and I are a bit obsessed with the theatre. We’re starving students, and the theatre is cheaper than the cinema (sometimes), so what are a couple of fangirls to do on a Saturday night? We’ve been traipsing about the West End quite frequently of late for, um, writing research. So here’s a few shows to hit up the next time you’re in London or it comes to your city.

The Book of Mormon

book of mormon

This is, hands down, the funniest play I’ve ever seen. It’s irreverent, sacrilegious, and guaranteed to offend somebody.

The creators of South Park bring us the story of Elder Price, a young Mormon boy who is about to leave on his two year mission for the Church. He hopes to be sent to Orlando, but is sent to northern Uganda instead, accompanied by the overeager Elder Cunningham. What follows is a crisis of face, and the most interesting retelling of the book of Mormon that you’ll ever hear. I guarantee it.

I found this play to be so damned blasphemous, that I saw it twice. You can see it at the Prince of Wales theatre. 


Galavant ended on Sunday night, leaving us with more questions than answers. Spoilers ahead!

Episode 7— “My Cousin Izzy” or “Hero Mode”

The next to last episode started off strong, with a surprise appearance from Uther Giles Anthony Stewart Head as Galavant’s father. After a short song, in which young Gal is essentially told that a hero must hide his feelings, we fast forward to the dungeon. Isabella tells everyone that her cousin is on his way to save them, but Gal assures them that it isn’t necessary, as he has a plan. Again.

Rutger as Kingsley—ABC

LOGO_Galavant-bw“Now, at last begins our true adventure—

Epic, wild, a real butt-clencher!

So, huzzah and tally-ho! Sit back, and here we go!

Attend the tale of Galavant!” 

Episode 5— “Completely Mad…Alena” or “Sid Invents the Zipper”

This week’s set of episodes begins with Gal, Isabella, and Sid arriving on the coast of Valencia. (I would have liked to have seen the pirates again, but alas…) The princess, in another attempt to save Gal’s life without actually admitting her part in the king’s evil scheme, delays him from storming the castle by convincing him he should bathe first. She takes him to the most revered monastery in Valencia, where all the monks have taken a singing vow. While Gal is getting ready, Isabella confesses her betrayal to one of the monks (enter Weird Al Yankovic). But instead of offering some useful advice to the visibly distraught princess, his guest appearance is wasted on him wishing that he could be singing with his brothers in the courtyard instead of, you know, doing his job.



While Galavant‘s premiere episodes hit the ground running, this week’s left a little to be desired. Maybe it’s all the ball jokes… Spoilers ahead!

Episode 3— “Two Balls” or “Put the Sir in Circumcise”

We are thrown immediately into a recap song to get everyone up to speed; while this started off as cute, it began to fall into a gimmicky sinkhole from which the remainder of the episode could not escape.


On the Road

Our heroic trio arrives at Sid’s hometown, where it turns out that he has a pretty big reputation. So big, in fact, that he tells everyone that Gal is his squire. Sid begs Gal and Isabella to play along for the sake of his parents, whom he can’t bear to disappoint. Isabella ad libs that she and Sid are engaged, and the town decides to throw a party for the couple. Meanwhile, Gal has to do some hard labour and spend time with the other squires in the town. He learns how they really feel about the knights they serve and, unsurprisingly, begins to wonder about how he himself treats Sid. *cough* heavyhanded *cough*


Galavant burst its way onto our tellies Sunday night, and boy did it make an impression. Two episodes air per week, which means double the fun and double the musical numbers. Spoilers ahead!

Episode 1— “Pilot” or “We Didn’t Have to Title this Episode!”

joshua sasse
Galavant (Joshua Sasse)—ABC

Like most television pilots, the first episode serves mainly to establish the characters and set up the plot. Galavant manages a good deal of this with a catchy opening song, in which we learn that Galavant (the greatest warrior in five kingdoms who often goes by Gal) lost his lady-love Madalena when she was kidnapped by the evil King Richard. Although he went to rescue her, she chose fame and fortune over him. This rejection transforms him into a dirty, disheveled drunk who no longer cares for duty or chivalry. He lives alone with only his squire Sid (Luke Youngblood) to watch out for him.

Fast forward one year: the Princess Isabella of Valencia (Karen David) comes seeking Gal’s help. Her kingdom has been at war with King Richard, and her people are desperate. She offers him the jewel of Valencia, but he refuses until she mentions that it would be an opportunity to best the king and rescue the Queen. Gal agrees to go with her, not knowing that she is working for King Richard and has been sent to lure him in with tales of the queen’s “unhappiness”.

King Richard (Timothy Omundson) and Madalena (Mallory Jansen)—ABC