Welp, I screwed up and missed my Motivation Monday post (oops…), so here I am, bringing you some RuPaul wisdom to get you through your Tuesday. And if you don’t know who RuPaul is, well, she’s the Glamazon, Supermodel of the World who has dragged (pun intended) her career into an international spotlight and made the drag community an international phenomenon with the hit reality series RuPaul’s Drag Race. (He’s also an author, musician, actor, and probably the owner of a small empire.)

The world we currently live in has not been supportive nor accepting of women who speak up. We’re taught to be silent, to be smaller, to occupy less space. For myself, as a child, I was told not to do things because they weren’t “ladylike.” As an adult this means that I do not know how to change a tire on my car (I’m working on changing that).

The poem “Shrinking Women” by Lily Myers brights to the forefront the difference in the way we raise our daughters versus our sons.