SPN DePaul: A Celebration of Fandom, Academia and “Supernatural” Part II

If you missed the first part of our SPN DePaul interviews, check out the post here.  On May 9-11, DePaul University in Chicago hosted an academic conference celebrating ten years of Supernatural, welcoming attendees from all corners of fandom, including Keynote Speaker and writer on the show, Robbie Thompson. Unfortunately, Chicago is a bit out of the way […]


SPN DePaul: A Celebration of Fandom, Academia and “Supernatural” Part I

Amazing #SPN writer @rthompson1138 & DePaul Univ host extraordinaire @pbooth81 at #SPNDePaul. #AlwaysKeepFighting — SPN Survivors (@SPNsurvivors) May 13, 2015 If you’re a fan of the show, you know that the academic side of the Supernatural fandom is quite strong. There have been scholarly journal articles, books and meta-discussions about Supernatural ever since the show […]


An Apocalypse in Asgard

Friend of the blog, Jeremy Caesar, has worked with the Collective before, but never like this. As a contributing podcaster, photographer and now, writer for the Collective, Jeremy is a renaissance man who has talent and opinion on geek culture to spare. Below is a thoughtful, insightful look into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Norse mythology and […]