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Before I begin talking about Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, I want to address something that’s a little personal. You may have noticed that I’ve been less active on this blog, and on all my social media, of late. While this is partially due to real-life work and personal obligations, a great deal of it has to do with my personal health. I’ve been seeing medical professionals for a variety of reasons, but, a few weeks ago, I made the decision to start medication for my anxiety and depression. The adjustment period has been a rough one (to say the least). Many days I find it hard to do much of anything besides take a nap on my sofa, or binge-watch a mindless TV show.

Which, to make a long story extremely short, is how I found Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist and realized that it was just what I needed during my current mental health state.

It’s the last week of Mental Health Awareness month, but that doesn’t mean we should stop checking in with ourselves and advocating for increased awareness of mental illness. As someone who suffers from anxiety, depression, and OCD, I can state with absolute certainty that mental health is something that requires 24/7 attention, just like our physical health.

the walking dead season 5S05xE15 “Try”

The relationship between the Tribe and the Alexandrians already balances precariously, and, with the lies and half-truths beginning to be exposed, what the two tribes have may all come tumbling down around their feet. The differences in values is evident, and, while Deanna and the people of Alexandria initially desired the strengths Rick and the group bring to the city, it seems they doubt the morality of our Tribe, which will lead to an eventual break unless resolved.

In the last 2 episodes of The Walking Dead, we have exclusively explored the world of Brian/the Governor, the antagonist to Rick and the prison tribe in season 3. With the producers and writers taking so much time to evaluate the character before the mid-season finale to be aired on Sunday, Dec 1, I can only assume his antithetical role will be reprised as a major plot push for the second half of season 4.  I truly enjoy the Governor as an anti-hero to Rick’s prison tribe and have enjoyed these episodes more than I thought I would. It is important to remember that times in the post-zombie apocalypse are difficult enough to warrant mental breaks in even the gentlest demeanors. Note both Carol and Beth. These women shifted from weak, scared individuals to cold and calculating because of the experiences inherent to the world situation. What about those who are not as calm and balanced? Those who have a penchant for violence or ambivalence, or even those who have seen too many horrible things happen and cannot mentally heal? Let’s talk about the Governor.

The Governor and his daughter. cr: AMC
The Governor and his daughter. cr: AMC

Episodes: S04xE06 “Live Bait”


S04xE07 “Dead Weight”