This week has been hell.

Supernatural fans suffered through another season finale and, for my first time watching the show on season, I think I’m doing fairly well. I drank only 4 nights this week (every night since Tuesday), I cried only twice, I’ve had one demon!Dean dream and avoided lashing out at my angel and bro about stupid stuff by reading at least 50k words of Destiel fanfic.

And the Hellatus is just getting started.



So, I decided to put together a Hellatus care package for my favorite people, you obsessed fans of Supernatural who, like the Collectress and I, are in agony over the next 144 days of Winchester silence. The season finale wrecked my feels, tore apart my insides, and made me desperate for comfort from something other than a pint of mint chocolate chip Blue Bunny ice cream.

Supernatural Season 10 premieres Tuesday, October 14 at 9pm. Until then, I have a few suggestions on how to survive the 2014 Hellatus into what may be the last season of Supernatural. Ever. And Dean Winchester is a motherflippin’ demon. Just saying!




Here are a 5 easy steps to remaining calm and surviving the Hellatus. Good luck! I will see you on Tumblr, scrolling down…scrolling down…reblog…scrolling down…

1) Supernatural Conventions

J2M are on the convention circuit all summer long, ending the year out in SoCal with me at BurCon in November 1014. To get through Tuesdays sans the Winchesters, queue up some of the panel videos posted on YouTube. My favorites are always the J2 Gold session breakfast chats. The boys are adorable, comfortable and laid back, enjoying the fans and having fun with the Supernatural family. If you can get to a Con, go! If not, these fan made panel vids are a great way to get the meta scoop from cast, crew and fans. These cons are so fun. If you love SPN, you will have a helluva time.

Today marks the installation of a series both I and the Collectress will be working on the next few months. We have a soft spot for the bad guy (or gal), and figured you might, too. This week’s villain of note is from a little show, not sure if you’ve heard of it, Supernatural, featuring Crowley, the King of Hell.


Name and Rank:

Crowley the former Crossroads demon, current King of Hell.

Distinguishing Traits:

Snide comments, witty remarks and he came up with the nicknames “Moose” and “Squirrel”.

The Devil You Know:

Crowley claims he was born in Scotland, 1661 as Fergus Roderick McLeod. He originally sold his soul to a demon for 3 inches onto his penis to get him to those coveted”double digits”. The ladder-climbing demon became King of the Crossroads  and Lilith’s consort at some point in time. He also speaks Enochian, is pyrokinetic and has telekinetic abilities, although he doesn’t flaunt his powers. The King of Hell’s eyes turn red when he goes demon and is the only one on the show to smoke red when he exits his meat suit. Crowley is always looking out for Crowley, although season 8 and 9 have given viewers a softer side of the top dog demon and put him in league with one of my favorite Winchesters.

#profound bond
#profound bond

Episode 09×06 AKA the Episode When Cas Worked in a Convenience store


Cas is back. After the heart-wrenching, feel-stomping, episode 3, Cas has been on his own for the past few weeks, and let me tell you, the fandom was pissed. Whether you ship Destiel or not, last night the hashtag #profoundbond trended worldwide as SPN fans showed their support via social network for the friendship of Dean and Castiel.

The boys are back in the bunker, and SPN cutie Osric Chau is back too. Kevin has found a footnote to Metatron’s angel tablet, and he’s hoping that it will give them a clue as to how to re-open Heaven (implied: getting Cas his wings back). Unfortunately, they cannot translate the dead language, so Dean takes this as an opportunity to go hang out with his boyfriend to check out a potential hunt that Castiel called him about. The episode is split into two focuses (focii?); one plot focuses on Sam and Kevin as they interrogate Crowley for information on Metatron’s footnotes (love Mark Sheppard’s snark) and the other focus is on Dean and Castiel’s investigation of a few mysterious deaths. 

It’s Wednesday and that means it’s time to talk about the Winchesters. (AKA my favorite pastime)

So last night the Collectiva Diva and I sat our arses on my sofa, each of us with a steaming cup of tea–so maybe we’re Brits at heart–and prepared to ogle admire our favorite hunters of the supernatural. With Jared Padalecki, Mark Sheppard, and Osric Chau live-tweeting, it felt as if the boys were in the room watching with us. (Come on over, Jared. I’ve got tea to spare and I’d love to braid your hair.) Season 9 is shaping up to be potentially emotionally catastrophic, but for the life of me, I can’t say that I mind one bit. Winchester family drama keeps me tuned in every week. So without further ado, let’s talk about “Devil May Care,” the second episode of the ninth season.

Sam's got a touch of an angel.
Sam’s got a touch of an angel.

Episode S09xE02 AKA the Episode with no Cas

Best Bit of Dialogue:

Sam: You know this is a trap? You just gonna walk right in? 

Dean: Guns blazing. You in?

Sam: Yeah.