Geek Chic: The Collective Does Cosplay, Disney Villains Edition

I’ve dragged the Collectiva Diva down the cosplay rabbithole, somewhat kicking and screaming, and a few weeks ago we hit up the beautiful beaches of Crystal Cove with our beloved photographer friend. This time, we went evil. #PhotoGrid #Disney #villains #cosplay @dearcollectress @impalamutineers — ūüćĺNew Year, New Divaūüćĺ (@simplydiva71) August 30, 2014 Why do […]


Villains of Note: Maleficent

This week for our Villains of Note series, we stop to appreciate the dastardly dragon lady of the 1959 animated film, Sleeping Beauty,¬†Maleficent. In the original fairy tale, whether you believe it to be Charles Perrault’s, “La Belle au bois dormant” (which the Disney version is based on),¬†the Grimm brothers’ “Briar Rose”, ¬†or the myriad […]