Property of Disney/ABC
Property of Disney/ABC

The 2016 Academy Awards took place on February 28, and though I have watched the awards for many years, I think that this may be my favorite ceremony in recent memory. So without any ado, here are some of our favorite moments.

The Collectress’ Favorite Moments

Ben Affleck’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

While this technically didn’t happen during the Oscars broadcast, I was looking forward to Kimmel’s after-Academy Awards special almost as much as the ceremonies themselves. Why, you may ask? Well, push play on the clip. The answer appears at 1:03.

Chris Rock’s Opening Monologue

After the controversy surrounding this year’s lack of diversity in the acting nominations, I was glad that Chris Rock opened with tackling the issue head-on, and he didn’t let up on it the entire night. It made some of the guests (and viewers) squirm in their seats, and I delighted in every second of it. Hopefully, Rock’s frank discussion of the problem in Hollywood will ensure that future award shows will be #OscarsSoDiverse. 


“The Revenant” is one of the most viscerally beautiful movies I have ever seen. Director Alejandro González Iñárritu and cinematographer Emmanuel “Chivo” Lubezki made the fascinating decision to use natural light almost exclusively throughout the entire film, and it pays off magnificently. The winter light feels almost lazy as it bends around frosty trees and bounces off the snow-covered ground. At times there is barely enough light to truly see what’s happening on the screen, which only serves to heighten the film’s often tense atmosphere. This film is truly a feast for the eyes.