Jared Padalecki

Family Don’t End With Blood: What AKF and YANA Are All About

If you’re not part of the Supernatural fandom, the acronyms in this title probably mean nothing to you. However, although they’re part of a movement in one fandom, what they represent could benefit members of all fandoms. Here is some enlightenment: “AKF” stands for Always Keep Fighting, and was/is the name of actor Jared Padalecki’s campaign to raise funds […]


Meme Monday: #AlwaysKeepFighting

While I am usually frivolous and silly on Mondays, over the weekend, Jarpad’s exhaustion and subsequent decision to not attend JibCon and AHBL is a reminder that we are all human, fragile beings in need of support every once in a while. Jared, you support the Supernatural fandom, and we support you, buddy. To our readers, […]