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The Road So Far

Last season saw the brothers in a battle with their biggest foe yet: the Darkness. Upon reuniting the Darkness with her brother, AKA God, the brothers were able to take a long relaxing vacation…oh wait, nope. The boys never catch a break. Dean and Sam are reunited with their mother…who’s been dead for thirty-three years. Oh and Lucifer is footloose and fancy-free (with a baby on the way!) Spoilers ahead.

If you’re not part of the Supernatural fandom, the acronyms in this title probably mean nothing to you. However, although they’re part of a movement in one fandom, what they represent could benefit members of all fandoms. Here is some enlightenment: “AKF” stands for Always Keep Fighting, and was/is the name of actor Jared Padalecki’s campaign to raise funds and awareness for battling the stigma against mental illness. The movement is almost a year old, and since its conception it has raised many funds and much awareness for organizations like To Write Love On Her Arms. The movement has been widely embraced by the fandom, and during San Diego Comic-Con last year, we showed Jared how much both he and AKF mean to us.

Last week, fellow Supernatural actors Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins supported their castmate/friend’s mission to help fans who struggle with depression by launching You Are Not Alone, or YANA, via the Creation Stands website.

The funds raised by YANA will support a new project; the two actors have also decided to create the #SPNFamily Crisis Support Network in conjunction with Misha’s charity Random Acts and also with IMAlive and To Write Love On Her Arms. The goal? To help fans who suffer from depression, addiction, and self-harm.


Episode 11×01 AKA “The One with Teh Darkness”

Well, the hellatus is over and Darkness is upon us. Who knows what this season will bring for us? I’m guessing the Winchesters won’t be getting sunshine and puppies…Warning there be spoilers ahead.


The season lights up immediately where season 10 ended–the Darkness is coming and the Impala’s stuck in a ditch. Not exactly an ideal situation, boys. While our last look of season 10 showed the boys together in the Impala, Sam wakes up alone in the passenger seat. Dean is gone, and Sam finds him a mile away, face-down in the dirt (really, can we talk about how Sam must have a tracking device on Dean to find him so easily?)

You all KNOW how much I love Jensen Ackles and when, on August 24, 2014, the actor, father and all around grumpy old man joined Twitter, he opened up his world to fans and allowed us to get a glimpse into his life. His hashtags are hilarious, he gets mad at the internet, and, hey kid, you’d better get off his lawn! In honor of Jensen’s one year Twitter-versary, here are my all time favorite tweets from Old Man Ackles (in order).

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10) Jammin’ in the a.m.

He’s a musician. He jams. in the a.m. wearing sleeveless shirts! Yeah, guys, this is the first week Jensen got Twitter and I think the fans knew we were in for a bunch of really great selfies.

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 11.37.53 AM

9) Live tweeting with Misha and Jared the 200th episode

The interaction between Jensen, Misha and Jared is fun to watch on screen and off. And Jensen? You are absolutely that type of girl.

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 12.04.48 PM