This week, we’re bringing you some nice femslash from Arrowand some Ichabbie written by one of our very own Collective writers. Happy reading, shippers! -The Collectress

This is How It Begins” by gnimaerd

Recced by: the Collectiva Diva
Word Count: 1916
Pairing(s): Nyssa al Ghul/Sara Lance (Arrow)
Rating: Explicit (def NSFW)


*SPOILERS AHEAD, darlings*


Last week, we saw Henry outsmart our Witnesses and take possession of the world’s deadliest poison…only to turn it into a spider and put it in his mother’s bed?

I’m not saying Oedipus complex, but I’m saying Oedipus complex. But more on that in a bit. 


Happy All Hallows’ Eve, shippers! This week, I’m bringing you thirteen fics  to sink your fangs into as you get into the spooky spirit. They’re grouped by fandom, with the author’s summary included as well as a little blurb about each by one of the Collective Team. Ships are labelled, warnings mentioned, and if you need a spooky playlist, click here.

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let me feel your danger by ohmyloki

Pairing: Darcy/Loki

Author’s Summary: This is her chance to stop it before it goes too far and she can’t take it back. She’s standing on the precipice and one more word from her could either send her plummeting over the edge or pull her back to safe ground.

Darcy dresses up as Lady Loki for Halloween and runs into the man himself.

My Thoughts: I wouldn’t have figured this pairing to be as sexy as it was but hot damn! I want a god of mischief to have his wicked way with me.


Ever seen The Woman in Black? Well, the town of Sleepy Hollow has their own creepy lady in a black veil, and this one has an extreme case of the green-eyed monster. That’s right, a lady from Ichabod’s past has come back to wreak havoc on any woman in his present…

*SPOILERS AHEAD, darlings*


So last time on Sleepy Hollow, we had Ichabod and Abbie create something like Frankenstein’s monster and use it to attempt to free Katrina. Katrina elected to stay in the clutches of the Horseman and be a spy for the Good Guys. And Henry, aside from being the typical creep, becomes Irving’s lawyer while he is detained in a mental institution, and tricks Irving into signing a contract in blood. Fans of Supernatural know that this won’t end well.

*SPOILERS AHEAD, darlings*


So, over the summer, I joined a new fandom. That’s right, I’m a newborn Sleepyhead (I’m still waiting for my official Sleepyhead birth certificate from Orlando Jones). Since I now will be watching new episodes weekly along with the rest of my Tweeps, I decided to put my fingers to good use and write about my new favorite thing.

Also, the S.S. Ichabbie is steadily sailing in my armada of ships. But more on that later.

*SPOILERS AHEAD, darlings*