Episode 09×18 AKA Does Supernatural Even Have a Fourth Wall?

We’re in the final stretch. The last leg. There are only 5 episodes left in season 9 of SPN, and if last night was any indication, this finale is going to f**k with our minds. So, without any ado whatsoever, let’s talk meta.


The SPN Family is very…verbal, to put it mildly. We regularly trend things like #Misha4SPN10 or #AngelWarrior or #HelloCas (sometimes, without even meaning to!). We’re a dedicated group, and to say that we spend too much of our free time analyzing and contextualizing the show’s subtext is an understatement. Last night, Supernatural went meta again, this time, from the voice of one Scribe of the Lord/God-wannabe: Metatron.

The show lights up with Metatron, in a smoking jacket, sitting at a typewriter, talking about what makes a story good. We have the Word of God, the Divine Scriptwriter, giving us a lesson in Creative Writing 101. Everyone, slow clap for Robbie Thompson, who grabbed Thor’s hammer and f**king smashed that fourth wall, and, in doing so, made a brilliant commentary on the interaction between the show, the writers, and the fans. In the words of Robbie Thompson (Metatron):

Who gives a story meaning? Is it the writer? Or you? -Metatron

More on the meta of “Meta Fiction” in a minute.