By The Collectress


Happy Halloween month, everyone! As is tradition, I want to share some tips and tricks for a quick and easy DIY Halloween costume to wow your friends and family at your Halloween party!

I decided this year to go a little more devilish, and to portray who I think is the most evil of all Disney villains: Cruella de Vil.

Cruella terrifies me because 1) she wants to kill puppies, a trait that only belongs to truly evil people and 2) she likely has histrionic personality disorder which leads her to be callous and unfeeling towards pretty much the entirety of humanity.

So naturally she was my first choice for a villain to cosplay.


Alright, Collectors, I know you’re all on the prowl for some spooky/creepy/scary things to binge right now. I’ve done quite a bit of bingeing myself as I prep my costumes for the Halloween season (tis the season for cosplayers to wear half their wardrobe). So here are a few eery series for you to check out as you prep your sweet tooth for all that trick-or-treat candy. (Please note that these series were chosen based on shows I’ve seen…I know there are quite a few more out there that I just haven’t gotten to yet!)

By The Collectress

If you couldn’t tell, the Collective gals love Halloween. We’ve written a lot about it this year, but now that the day is almost finally here, we find ourselves lamenting that it’s on a workday. No fear (or, maybe a little bit of fear), I’ve found something to pass the day at work tomorrow: scary short films. Close the office blinds and turn off the lights, and maybe grab an office mate or two, because these are creepy af.