The sixth season of Game of Thrones concluded on Sunday night in an explosive episode that may have been the best one yet. Not only was the finale extremely satisfying (not to mention beautifully shot), but this entire season restored my faith in the show as a whole. Here are my top ten moments from the last ten weeks of the best kick-ass, dragon-fire, edge-of-your-seat television available.

*Beware! There be spoilers ahead!* 

Game of Thrones season 5

The finale of the fifth season of Game of Thrones has left viewers with more questions than answers. The shocking scenes and unforeseen deaths that made up “Mother’s Mercy” caused the internet go berserk, and my little heart to break.

Spoilers ahead, including major character death. 

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When I began the Song of Ice and Fire series by George R.R. Martin, it was with trepidation. I don’t like to watch a TV show or film based on a novel (or multiples thereof) unless I’ve read the books. Seriously though? These books are so damn long! But this is a THING I have, and so I read the first book and started the second the summer before season 2 started. As I watched the seasons unfold, it became clear that the television show will not always coincide with the textual version, but it will always be a roller coaster ride. This episode was a prime example of that. After last week’s non-canon rape scene between Jamie and Cersei, I was not sure how the series might redeem the character, at least in my eyes. Still, it became clear in this episode that things are not always what the audience sees, in fact, we are given multiple points of view for a reason–so that we might understand the War of the Five Kings from disparate and diverse narratives and develop and understanding of all sides involved, with loyalties to none. Let’s head to Westeros, shall we? (Spoilers ahead!)

Across the Narrow Sea

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In Camp Daenerys, handmaiden Missandei teaches the Unsullied captain Grey Worm to speak the Common Tongue and we learn a bit about the Unsullied’s work ethic. “Kill the Master” is a theme in this episode–which begins with the Meereen slaves, who rise up to murder those who have kept them captive for so long. With help from the weapons the Unsullied sneak into the slave quarters, the captives revolt, raise the Targaryen flag above the castle and pledge their allegiance to the Khaleesi by killing the masters and taking over the city.

While Ser Barristan councils Daenrys that is is better to answer injustice with mercy, the Khaleesi answers injustice with justice and puts up on nails 163 masters for the 163 children they saw nailed to mile markers on the path to Meereen. Another city is hers and another thousand or so freed people stand behind her, ready to storm King’s Landing or do whatever their queen bids of them.