Spoilers, darling. Ye be warned. Also, ranty moments. 

Writing is like playing chess. Once the pieces are in place, it’s a dance of strategy and timing. A good writer keeps their moves “close to the chest,” because just like in chess, you don’t want your opponent (or viewer/reader) to know what’s going on. You can’t let them see what your next move will be because giving away too much too soon will throw the game.

Those of us who write and/or read can recognize the moves in popular writing. We understand plot, pacing, characterization, and story structure. We know that romance novels almost always have an erotic scene around page 150, that drama films should have tear-inducing film scores, and that action movies have a stereotypically hot girlfriend (see: Megan Fox in Transformers). Sometimes, however, the writers give away the story so obviously that we all, whether we write or not, wonder why we bother to continue following the story.

This is how I felt about last night’s True Blood. In particular, this is how I felt about the Sookie/Bill storyline. Now I have loved and do love TB, but the past two seasons have been somewhat…bizarre…in terms of storyline. When it was announced that season 7 would be its final one, it was unsurprising. I only hoped that the writers would pull themselves off the crazy train and put together a cohesive story.