Galavant ended on Sunday night, leaving us with more questions than answers. Spoilers ahead!

Episode 7— “My Cousin Izzy” or “Hero Mode”

The next to last episode started off strong, with a surprise appearance from Uther Giles Anthony Stewart Head as Galavant’s father. After a short song, in which young Gal is essentially told that a hero must hide his feelings, we fast forward to the dungeon. Isabella tells everyone that her cousin is on his way to save them, but Gal assures them that it isn’t necessary, as he has a plan. Again.

Rutger as Kingsley—ABC
Property of the CW
Property of the CW

Next Tuesday brings to a close the ninth season of Supernatural. I’ve been telling the Collectiva Diva to hoard the Kleenex and stock up on the booze, because this year is going to be rough on the feels. In yesterday’s post I discussed some of the character development from this season, but today the Collectiva Diva and I sat down and really thought about what next week might bring for the Winchesters. Here are our ideas:

Why do you think Sam has been unusually silent in the past few episodes? What do you think this means for the season 9 finale?

Collectiva Diva: I think Sammy has actually given audiences some important peeks into his psyche with very little dialogue and some amazing bitchfaces. First, he tells us that he was cognizant of Gadreel’s presence. While we at first thought that he had no idea what was going on with the rogue angel, we now find out that felt some sort of presence. We also know, from short conversations he’s had with Cas and with Dean, that Sam is worried about the effect the MoC is having on his brother. He hasn’t explicitly said that he forgives Dean for allowing Gadreel inside, so I am waiting for the big blow out between brothers so that they can move past this drama and get to the sitting on the hood of the Impala and talking about their feelings.  20140515-125502.jpg The Collectress: There is something going on with Sam. The writers have been too deliberate in keeping his POV quiet, which means there is something Sam isn’t telling us. Aside from “First Born,” the Cain & Abel biblical parallels have not been explicit. If Dean is Cain, then who does that make Sam? Better go reread Genesis 4: “Am I my brother’s keeper?”