Dear Collectors,

Some of you may have already watch Avengers: Endgame. Some of you may have to wait a few days. We are watching it a few hours from now, and while we would like to say we’re ready…truthfully we are not. We decided to revisit some of the more light-hearted moments in the franchise in order to remind ourselves that sometimes there are good feels too.

So, in no particular order, enjoy these choice moments.

Films that cover important figures in British history have long been Oscar bait, but there’s never been one quite like The Favourite. This film puts powerful historical women at the forefront and shows their beauty, their grace, and every. single. flaw. It’s a refreshing almost-dramedy to break up the parade of aesthetically-pleasing, slow-paced, period pieces that usually become Oscar fodder.


Yes, I know there’s still a week or so left until the end of 2018, but as most of the bloggers of the Collective will be taking a break for the holidays, I thought I’d share my favorite films from the year (so far), in case you need a watch-list to queue up on Netflix during your vacation. I still have plans to see two or three more films before the end of the year, but they’ll be hard pressed to beat these films from earlier this year! So, gather your Christmas cookies and press play on one of these if you haven’t seen it yet!

By The Collectress

Films that profile the rise (and fall) of fame seem to be en vogue this year–A Star is Born, Bohemian Rhapsody, to name a few–but Vox Lux, like its leading actress, Natalie Portman, seems to eschew the contrived formulas that we consumers of pop culture have deemed necessary to achieve success. There is no rags-to-riches here, no wide-eyed ingenue with a heart of gold that wows the disbelieving music exec at an open mic night. No, instead what you have is decent singer with a tragic backstory who has a hell of a talent for branding herself. In today’s world where brand is everything, Vox Lux’s Celeste is two people: the unstable woman who is haunted and afraid of her past, and the singer who is marketed survivor and appeals to the branded outcasts.  Translated, “vox lux” means “voice of light”, and Portman’s Celeste is anything but that to herself.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…for cheesy holiday movies. We here at the Collective often indulge in hot cocoa and Hallmark’s bestworst  movies to offer us during December. We decided to share a few of our favorites with you, in case you’ve watched The Christmas Prince: Royal Wedding and need another fix of tropey goodness…or, for the more select film watcher, we’ve got some more refined Christmas classics for you to enjoy! So pour the eggnog, grab a snuggie and settle in for Christmas cheer. 

By Nerdy Donut

There is no hiding my love of animated films, particularly anything related to princesses. When trailers for Ralph Breaks the Internet began appearing I was excited for the sequel to Wreck it Ralph, and slightly guarded. What was Ralph going to do to the Internet, and how was Pixar going to deal with the Disney princesses? The film does seem to cram one too many elements into the storyline, and would benefit from losing even one or two plot elements to help streamline the story; however, Ralph Breaks the Internet is a fun film that pokes fun in smart ways at our Internet usage and what it means to be a  princess and a strong woman, all while playing out messages of following your dreams and what it means to be a friend. As sequels go, this one is worth your time.