#3 The Doctor’s Wife written by Neil Gaiman

Whovians love the TARDIS because she is sexy and exciting. We know that she doesn’t always take the Doctor where he wants to go, but she always takes him where he needs to go. In The Doctor’s Wife, famed sci-fi writer Neil Gaiman takes a Whovian dream and makes it a reality by giving the TARDIS a voice and a flesh body. This season 6 story begins with a Gallifreyan hypercube communication device summoning the Doctor to a place outside of the Universe. The Doctor, Amy and Rory travel through the time vortex to an alien asteroid that has been summoning and consuming Timelords for an undetermined amount of time. In a twist of plot that involves shutting down the TARDIS mainframe and stealing her soul, the TARDIS consciousness is transferred into the lovely, steampunky Idris (Suranne Jones), who embodies the Doctor’s ultimate companion in this exciting episode.

The Doctor and his wifey.

In Season 8, episode 6, “A Little Reflection,” we see Dexter and the cast preparing for the future, which audiences know is pointless, because the show’s about to end. So, Dexter has a potential killer to stalk, the handsome, rich and equally creepy, Zach Hamilton. Zach is guilty of murder and both Dexter and Quinn know it. This unlikely pair are working toward the same goal–finding hard evidence that Zach is a murderer. It starts to get weird when we find out that Zach is seeing Dr. Vogel, and even weirder when it is revealed that Vogel wants Dexter to mentor Zach ala Harry’s Code. Seems like a big conflict of interests, but the good doctor doesn’t seem too concerned.

Zach sees the blood as art.

So, season 8 is half way over and the twists just keep coming.

**Spoilers, Sweetie**

Episode 5, “This Little Piggy”, tied up a few loose ends, namely the Brain Surgeon plot line. Yates kidnaps the Doc right from her own home and, since we have seen what he does to his victims, we know that if Dex and Deb don’t find her fast, Vogel is going to have 10 broken toes and be dead sooner than later.

Which little piggy isn’t going to make it to market?

Season 8 episode 4, “Scar Tissue”, set the tone for what I think we can expect from the series finale. Dexter is on a sloppy, emotional hunt for Vogel’s rogue patient and has developed a huge blindspot when it comes to his deteriorating relationship with Deb. Spoilers ahead!

Dexter might die.
Dexter needs some table time.