This week for our Villains of Note series, we will take a bite out of my favorite serial killer, Hannibal “The Cannibal” Lecter.



Doctor Lecter, The Chesapeake Ripper, Hannibal “The Cannibal” Lecter, The Copycat Killer.

Side Work:

Master chef, psychiatrist, and oh yeah, he eats his victims.


Main Course:

Dr. Hannibal Lecter is a cannibalistic serial killer who manipulates his friends and eats his victims. The practicing psychiatrist has an impressive list of patients–everyone from the Head of Behavioral Sciences, Jack Crawford, to Will Graham, the other crazy in the room–has sat down to dinner with Hannibal at one point. Little did they know, Dr. Lecter has served each of his friends fresh meat from his most recent kills. He might the Chesapeake Killer and the Copycat Killer (of his own work), but what Hannibal is looking for is someone to identify with. He thinks, by framing Will as the Chesapeake Ripper and then exonerating him, the two will become besties, but it just isn’t going to happen. Will is still a little upset at the fact the good doctor induced his seizures and framed him for murder. Besides, Hannibal is just too smart to get caught, and he really enjoys killing and cooking his victims. Now that he has taken Will’s place as FBI profiler, this meat eater has a chance to sink his teeth into a few tasty cases. He doesn’t seem to be worried about the consequences as of yet.

This week for our Villains of Note series, we will play a little game with one of my all time favorite villains, James Moriarty from a little BBC series entitled Sherlock. Moriarty, the arch-nemesis of Sherlock Holmes and England’s most prized consulting criminal.

You Know Him As:

 James Moriarty, The World’s Only Consulting Criminal, Molly’s boyfriend Jim, Richard Brooks, the Storyteller

Honey, You Should See Him In:

The Crown Jewels, impeccable suit, goofy smile

Name of the Game:

James Moriarty is the arch-nemesis to Sherlock Holmes and honey, he is not your average bad guy. Just as Sherlock began solving crimes at a young age, so Moriarty began committing them, starting with the murder of Carl Powers in 1989, a case which the underage Sherlock failed to get the police to investigate. Mori lets his crazy show a bit when we first meet him (turn who into shoes??) but decides to let Sherlock live to play another day, and thus the madman works his way up to Reichenbach and the top of St. Bart’s. Moriarty expertly weaves a web of deceit that instills doubt into those that once believed in Sherlock Holmes, and sets the detective up to either kill himself of watch his only 4 friends in the world (Molly, Lestrade, Mrs. Hudson and John) die. While Sherlock outsmarts Mori by faking his own death, Moriarty may still be a step ahead of us all. This villain seems to get the last word fairly often, but, when his image shows up on all the media outlets as a meme, it isn’t just Sherlock who doesn’t know what to think. Will Moriarty be back to terrorize his favorite target or have we all been duped once again?


This week for our Villains of Note series, we will take a look at one of the most underrated and terrifying bad gals in all of the Whoniverse, Madame Kovarian.



The Eye Patch Lady.

Distinguishing Traits:

Eye drive, cohort of The Silence, psychopathic tendencies, good with gangers, can’t stand the flirting.


Madame Kavorian heads the rogue Kovarian Chapter (formerly of the Papal Mainframe), who go to great lengths to acquire River Song (aka Melody Pond) and train up a child in the ways of a psychopath. Kovarian kidnaps Amy as soon as she shows signs of pregnancy, switching real-Amy with ganger-Amy, and then does it again with baby Melody Pond. She also keeps River in an abandon, creepy orphanage and trains her to murder the Doctor and manipulate his friends. What she didn’t see coming was the fact that River might just fall in love with the Timelord. Kovarian, who is from the Doctor’s future (around the time Eleven is on Trenzalore), knows the end game and all about the crack in the Universe that plagued Eleven from his very first days in that face. She is from a time when the Doctor is protecting the crack in time (and subsequently, Gallifrey) in Christmas town, Eleven’s last days. She believes that, if the Doctor allows Gallifrey to return, the universe will be destroyed. Kovarian’s fundamental beliefs lead her to kidnap a Timelord/human hybrid child and helped change the value set of the Papal Mainframe toward keeping the answer to the first question (Doctor Who??) a mystery.



Valentine’s Day is this Friday, and if you’re anything like me, you’ve procrastinated to the point of fearful resignation that the day is not going to end well for you. Well, fear not, nerds! The Collectiva Diva is here with 5 geek gift ideas for that person to whom you have sworn allegiance until your Winchester rolls along.

Welcome to Shipping 101

Welcome to Shipping 101!

Please check your schedules to make sure you are in the right place. Everyone settled in? Okay, good. Today we will discuss my newest ship, the S.S. Olicity, featuring Oliver Queen(Stephen Amell) and Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) from the CW’s Arrow.


If you’ve read my December 2013 Arrow posts, you know I am a fan of the show. As it goes with a new show that has two (although, I can dig Diggle) very hot lead characters that I wouldn’t mind imagining making out (with), I immediately decided I ship Oliver and Felicity (Olicity) and went to AO3 to search for Olicity fanfiction. Since Arrow is only in the middle of its second season, there isn’t much reading out there. Of course, I went to The Collectress for assistance, who soon found me a two lovely Tumblr sites with rec lists and off I went on a magical journey to smutsville with Oliver and Felicity. I love a good romance, and the pairing of Felicity/Oliver is not just popular with the fans but with the cast and crew as well.

tumblr_mi83ahj7Ml1qd2emto1_500On the show, Oliver and Felicity began their friendship based on his need for her technological prowess. He was the boss’ son, she worked in IT. When Oliver ‘fessed up to his identity as (SPOILERS) the Vigilante in season 1 (by crawling into her car while bleeding from a gunshot wound his mother gave him), Felicity then began assisting him on his missions and they became friends and peers. Between the awkward excuses for hanging out together, the long and loving gazes, and the obvious sexual tension, these two seem to be headed toward something substantial, but I’m guessing it won’t be in season 2 or even 3.