by Petite Madame
by Petite Madame

Oh gosh, the time of the DCBB is upon us, and friends, I am freaking out just a wee bit. Yes, I’m writing another 20k+ fic this year and final drafts are due Saturday, August 15 which means we get artists soon and our posting dates and…oh gosh! What am I doing? I should be revising!

If you aren’t familiar with the Dean/Cas Big Bang (and Mini-Bang), read this post and then check out the following stories, handpicked from the wealth of Dean/Cas fan fiction posted during last year’s Big Bang extravaganza. There are so many amazing stories–these are just my top ten (with MANY bookmarked that I haven’t read yet!!). If you are a Destiel shipper and love to read fanfic but haven’t had the time to sift through the DCBB community on AO3, please, do yourself a favor and check out the authors below. I labeled this post NSFW and there is smut in some of these, but this isn’t a smut list (weird, I know). Honestly, these Big Bang entries are really lovely, and most writers have pretty impressive bibliographies to go through before fall DCBB 2015 postings begin. Happy reading and enjoy!

xoxo C. Diva

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Title: Little Lies to Get Me By

Author: OhCaptainMyCaptain

Pairing: Pre-Serum Steve Rogers/James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes

Word Count: 149,908 (WIP)

Warnings: NSFW, era-typical homophobia, Some non-con activities up to about chapter 6 (from an outside source; neither Steve nor Bucky are the perpetrators). *WARNING TAG FOR RAPE/NONCON IS ONLY APPLICABLE UP TO CHAPTER 6*


the light before we land: by sandara
the light before we land: by sandara

Hello Shipmates!

Collectiva Diva here, getting ready to enjoy a summer of fanfiction with you, our discerning readers. I hope you will enjoy these next few stories as much as I do. Collectress and I have similar but distinct tastes, so get ready for twists on fan favorites and a few new ships. YES I KNOW. Collectress has teased me mercilessly for staying aboard the #USSDestiel for an entire year, and so here I am, branching out with my first fic rec for you, dearies. I promised Collectress I would do her column justice as she galavants around town; moving, writing for 2 Big Bangs (and beta-ing mine), while acting as Captain for Team Mutiny in the Impala for GISHWHES in August. I, on the other hand, have nothing better to do than become obsessed with the good ship Stucky.

And let me tell you…I. Am. Hooked.

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Although I have a distinct preference for fluff and smut, I tend to enjoy a good End!Verse Destiel fic. Sure, there’s angst but with dark times comes super sexy smut, which keeps me returning to 2014 for more. “The End” S05xE04 has to be one of my favorite episodes of Supernatural EVER, and so I naturally went to the Collectress to help me find End!Verse fics.

Boy, was that a mistake.

Her angst scale and mine just do not match up, plus she claims not to enjoy (Read? Like? She’s very covert when it comes to fanfic) End!Verse. WHAAAT?! NOOOOOO!! Sigh…so, dear Collectors, I took it upon myself to read a crap ton of angsty smut and then put together a top ten End!Verse fic rec list that won’t make you want to roll up into a little ball of sadness with a pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream for a month. Porn is a real motivator.

xoxo The Collectiva Diva (tweet me destiel porn recs and I will love you long time)

(Click on the fic title for the link)

1. Scratchmarks by bookkbaby

This is my favorite End!Verse fic ever. Seriously. Every time I read it, I wish it were longer. The story starts off super hot, with 2014!Dean, 2009!Dean and 2014!Cas getting super kinky and then it goes all emotions and deep truths. Cas has walls up and 2009!Dean is determined to break them down before returning to his own time.


2. Set your self on fire by trinityofone

Yes, so much yes. Dean never did tell Cas what happened in 2014. He probably won’t tell his Cas about the dreams, either.

I hope you dirty birdies are at home or on the incognito page of your work computer, because some of these fics will make you feel all wibbley-wobbley inside and the artwork is lovely! Since I started watching Doctor Who and reading fanfic around the same time, this ship pairing happens to be my het OTP and the first ship I ever boarded. I love the chemistry between River and Eleven, mostly because River is a sexpot and the Doctor looks like he could use a good wank every once in a while. Oh myyyyyyyy…

All that UST has to become RT sometime, right?
All that unresolved sexual tension has to become resolved sexual tension sometime, right?