The 2015 convention season is almost over for the Collective team (last one in one week: 2015 Supernatural convention in Pasadena!), and it is an exhausted blogger who writes for you now. Six conventions in one year is impressive, and I’m glad that we’re closing out our comic conventions with one I’ve had my eye on for years: Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo.

Cosplay Away

Held annually at the Los Angeles Convention Center, the expo features some of the biggest cosplay and comic stars that the industry has to offer. This, of course, was my incentive in wrangling the Collectiva Diva, the Collected Mutineer, and a handful of other friends to attend the expo. In cosplay.


SDCC has come and gone, and I’m still catching up on missed sleep. While the Collective crew has posted articles on cosplay, fantasy, and comics, amongst other things, today I’m going to write about my first SDCC experience through the lens of a fan who is passionate about equal representation.

Although the big studios and franchises are the real marketable draw for a convention as large and prominent as Comic Con International, the smaller panels beckon to me because I’m as interested in discussing current trends and tropes in popular culture as seeing the new Batman v. Supermantrailer. Through the smaller panels, I feel that a more accurate portrait is painted of what is happening in the entertainment industry.


This spring’s MCM Comic Con, held at the ExCel in London, welcomed 122,634 visitors over the course of the weekend, making it larger by 10,000 visitors than the previous convention held last October. Last time I attended, I was merely an attendee–there for the fun and cosplay. This spring, I attended as a member of the press with all that perks that entailed: namely, spending most of my Saturday in the press room with twenty other reporters, trying to get the attention of celebrities. While it is difficult to make oneself heard in such a crowd in such a short time period (each interview session lasted approximately 20 minutes), it quickly became apparent that most of us news outlets had a common mission: to emphasize diversity and inclusion in mainstream media and culture.